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5 Most Appreciated Gifts For Wife On Karwa Chauth

karwa chauth gifts

Festivities are commonplace in India. It seems like there’s a celebration for every occasion and every time of year. Married ladies celebrate karwa chauth by going without food or water from sunrise to sunset on the fourth day after Purnima (the full moon) in the Hindu calendar month of kartika. It’s a long and difficult […]

What to Wear this New Year’s Eve? A Guide for Every Lady

What to Wear this New Year’s Eve- A Guide for Every Lady

New year’s eve is that time of the year when you let go of all the mistakes of the current year, Cherish the good days and welcome the upcoming year with the hopes of being much more welcoming, successful and even forgiving. Considering the crazy ride that this year has been, it works in the […]

What to Wear to Your Best Friend’s Indian Wedding

The reception ceremony is celebrated just after the main wedding day. It is the first public appearance of the newlywed couple after their marriage. The reception is usually organized by the family of the groom and is a grand party. The friends and associates mainly from the groom side attend this ceremony. From the bride […]