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10 Brilliant Ideas for Jewellery Storage and Organization

jewellery box diy ideas

Everyone spends way too much time digging through drawers and boxes in search of the right pair of earrings or the prettiest paisley anklet. As most women can attest, there are times when there’s simply not enough room to keep things neatly separated, prompting you to do something as chaotic as dumping everything into a […]

Perfect Fashion Jewellery That Goes Fantastic With Formals

Every woman should dress in a sophisticated and modern way. Furthermore, dressing for the workplace in terms of fashion and style is a challenging exercise. We are all aware of the annoyance that comes from matching a garment with a trendy pair of bangles that keep making noise or wearing ostentatious pieces of jewellery to […]

Express Yourself Completely With India’s Minimalist Fashion Jewellery

Indian fashion jewels

Sometimes, but not always, fashion jewellery is grand and extravagant. Picking up jewellery from FashionCrab that is both simple and elegant, sleek and chic, is a great way to express your personal style in today’s world. Versatility, uniqueness, simplicity, and a focus on the present moment are the building blocks of minimalist jewellery. It is […]

Silver Rakhi: A Symbol of Elegance and Divinity with a Touch of Sister’s Love


Silver, a highly prized precious metal in Hinduism, is revered as a sacred object. It isn’t it? This fortunate metal is employed in a variety of contexts, including the first feeding of a baby, household pujas, and astrological rituals. In Hinduism, the silver Rakhi has a similar significance. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian holiday that […]