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5 Fretwork Jewellery That Goes Perfect With Your Every Style

fretwork jewellery

Fretwork jewelry was ancient Indian jewelry that comes from the ground of orisa. Now it is popular in Italians, French, and Portuguese at a wide range. It is a fine, pliable thread of precious metal that is twisted and curled into a design that is usually of gold and silver. It makes a person look […]

Make Her Fall More For You With These Jewellery Pieces

Women’s are a die heart fan of jewellery and there is no lie in that. They may shop a lot of rings, sets, studs, chokers or jhumka earrings online through different portals.  But this does not mean that she refuses to add more glittery spark to her treasure of jewellery box. Be it’s diamond, silver, […]

No More Waiting Around For Your Dream Gift: A New Trend Of Self Purchasing

A New Trend Of Self Purchasing

We all know that from our childhood even when we don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right. Still, at that time we had plenty of dreams in our eyes. And from that time we start working hard just to reach our dream goals. We try to climb up to these with our parent’s help or […]

6 Facts About The Modern Flavour Of The Old Traditional Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery

Whenever we talk about meenakari jewellery we all often seem to be in an illusion of royal jewellery pieces. With huge designs that increase the charm of queens in past decades. Let us take it a little forward; this is a kind of versatile piece that women wear from years. And you must be reminded […]

Top 5 Earrings Designs to Try This 2021 Wedding Season

Top 5 Earrings Designs to Try This 2021 Wedding Season

If we are being honest, it does not really matter how well acquainted you are with the individual who is getting married, the wedding season always brings people with a good excuse to dress up and look their absolute best. Even though there is no reason to stop you from dressing up on a regular […]

What to Wear this New Year’s Eve? A Guide for Every Lady

What to Wear this New Year’s Eve- A Guide for Every Lady

New year’s eve is that time of the year when you let go of all the mistakes of the current year, Cherish the good days and welcome the upcoming year with the hopes of being much more welcoming, successful and even forgiving. Considering the crazy ride that this year has been, it works in the […]

5 Fail safe Gift Ideas for Women on Your List

fail safe gift ideas for women

Gifting a woman something that she likes is not easy. Women and their taste, both are complicated and quite confusing. If you are looking for something to gift to the woman in your life, then it is important for you to do a good amount of research for it in the first place. You have […]

Shine Bright in Lightweight, Daily wear Jewellery

Daily wear Jewellery

When it comes to fashion jewellery, you can either choose one of the approaches, either you can go all in to funk it up with heavy jewellery which is relatively appropriate for special occasions or you can go for the second approach that aims to keep things as casual as possible so that you can […]

Treat Yourself To Colorful Jewellery This Winter!

Treat Yourself To Colorful Jewellery This Winter!

Men have always pictured women as complicated creatures, however, the fact is it takes small things to make women happy. Just looking for earrings online can uplift her mood. Just as the winter season is here and you plan to spend your weekends by upgrading your wardrobe, it is strongly advocated that it is time […]

This 2020 Sparkle Your Diwali with These Accessories

This 2020 Sparkle Your Diwali with These Accessories

Diwali is one of the most cherished and grandly celebrated festivals of our country. The festival is a celebration of the triumph of good over bad which reflects the culture and morals of the country. The festival is also referred to as the festival of lights. While the entire city turns into a bright and […]