6 Facts About The Modern Flavour Of The Old Traditional Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari Jewellery

Whenever we talk about meenakari jewellery we all often seem to be in an illusion of royal jewellery pieces. With huge designs that increase the charm of queens in past decades. Let us take it a little forward; this is a kind of versatile piece that women wear from years. And you must be reminded of a movie named “Jodha Akbar”, in that movie the lead actress Aishwarya Rai wore a beautiful set of jewellery. And guess what? Those are the true examples of meenakari jewellery. 

Let’s begin…

What is Meenakari Jewellery?

What is Meenakari Jewellery

If you are reading this article then we are sure that you are very much curious to know about the vibrant colours and the beautiful patterns of meenakari jewellery. So, let’s start from the origin of its name “Meenakari” itself. Well, Meenakari is a Persian art of colouring the metal by blending the different colours. There is a saying that “Meena refers to the color of heaven. And the Persian craftsmen used to design a variety of traditional Polki jewellery on its back. Basically, meenakari jewellery is an art of beautiful ornaments in different metals like gold, silver, brass and copper. 

Do You Know About Fusion Looks Of Meenakari With Indian Outfits? 

Which State is Famous for Meenakari Jewellery

Well, it goes perfect with any Indian outfits and you know what? Nowadays women are also carrying it with western outfits. But imagine yourself in a plain white silk saree with a Chandani meenakari necklace. Gosh! This is perfect, no one can move their eyes from such a complete outfit. And similarly, you can carry these over lehengas or with Indian style gowns. If you have an obsession with these and you want to carry it on regular days then you can definitely try jhumka earrings of these with your kurtis. 

How is Meenakari Done?

how meenakari is done

Could you even imagine how much hard work is there behind your dazzling single piece of this jewellery? It’s really a complex process that has been followed for the charming creations. Every single piece of meena that you see on your jewellery goes through many expert hands before it fits in different pieces. Allow us to explain this step by step. So it begins with the designers and goldsmith that create a very initial design of the jewellery. Then this move on to engravers who engrave the whole design very carefully on a metal surface with the help of enamel colours. Next up, the polishers polish the divine art and make it shine like diamond. Then it’s passed on to the stone setter and finally to the stringer who completes and makes it set to go for all of us. See, how much effort a single meenakari piece requires. 

Which State is Famous for Meenakari Jewellery?


Before, we will tell you about the state where meenakari jewellery is famous. You just have to know a little part about their history and origin. Firstly, the word “meenakari” derived from a Persian word “meena”. Now, what this basically means is- reference to heaven. This art will take birth by the hands of Iranian craftsmen and lately, Mongols spread it to India. And now Rajasthan is quite famous in India for meenakari art pieces.   

What Makes Women Invest In Meenakari Jewels? 

What Makes Women Invest In Meenakari Jewels

Well, meenakari jewellery is quite expensive but we know that women always find the alternative for their desires. And here they have an alternative of artificial meenakari jewellery that comes with an affordable price and perfect for making an investment in beautiful patterns. So their affordable prices make them more preferable for women as they go with their budget perfectly. We know that artificial meenakari jewelleries are trending nowadays with the first copies that look similar to original ones. And women are in love with their beauty and affordable prices. Usually these are perfect for the brides as they have big wedding line ups. And most of the brides love to try different fusion looks with meenakari sets as they can have thousands of pieces at affordable prices. Similarly you might be passionate about these so don’t panic as you can easily get these fascinating pieces of meenakari jewellery online without any hassle. So what are you waiting for? Go and checkout different designs at reasonable prices.      

Have You Ever Tried The Different Types Of Meenakari Jewellery? 

Have You Ever Tried The Different Types Of Meenakari Jewellery

Are you also the one who doesn’t know well about the different types of meenakari? If yes, then let’s dig into its types.

Ek Rang Khula Meena

As the name suggests, it’s a single coloured meena jewellery. 

Panch Rang Meena

This is a beautiful creation with five different colors of meena. 

Gulabi Meena

In this type transparent colors are outlined by an opaque for giving a defined look. 

Mixed Stone Carvings

Name makes it quite clear it’s mixing of meenakari art with other stones like kundan.

So these are the things one must know about meenakari jewellery.