Which Color Suits Your Skin Tone

Since every body type looks better in certain cuts of clothing, it only makes sense that there are certain shades of colors that would suit you better! Here we understand what tones flatter which complexion the most.

To understand your skin tone, where a white top and stand in front of a mirror. Hold up a piece of gold/silver jewelry next to your face and see what looks better. Usually, if you have ‘cool’ undertones, silver would be more flattering while for someone with a ‘warm’ complexion, gold would look better. Another way to check this is the answer to this question- does your skin burn or tan in the sun? If it burns, chances are you’re ‘cool’ while if it tans, you’re ‘warm’. Look at the veins that show through your skin- if they have a greenish tinge then you’re warm and if they’re bluer, then you’re cool.

Cool & Chic
Cool women will look best in soft pastel shades such as lilac and powder pink. If you want to go bolder, opt for red, navy blue or fuchsia. Instead of cream or ivory, go for a true white. Gold, earth tones, orange or excess black can wash out your complexion.

Warm and Wonderful
Warm women positively glow in earthy spicy tones, think the colors of autumn- burgundy, olive, brown, mustard and yellow. If you want to dress up a bit, bronze or copper colored dresses will make your skin pop! An off-white would compliment you more than a true white.

• A dark complexion doesn’t automatically mean warm skin and vice versa.
• A good way to wear your favorite shades that aren’t recommended for your skin tone is to wear them away from your face- shorts, skirts, shoes etc.
• The color suggestions are just suggestions, not hard and fast rules so don’t throw out your old clothes just yet.
• To make the results even better, research into what palettes of make-up or hair color will make your skin truly pop!