What To Wear For A Trekking?

Here we present to you pieces of trekking clothing and accessories that are worth the investment. These items must be cared for if you wish your trek to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Trekking Shoes

Select your shoes carefully for a trek. Not all hiking shoes work equally well. You should choose your shoes based on the type of Trek you are about to venture out on. If the trek is muddy, go with Gore-tex that can keep your feet dry and if it is a rocky terrain, then opt for high ankle boots that can offer more support. Wrong boots or shoes can entirely spoil your trip and leave you tired or in pain.


Socks are an essential item to pay attention to considering you will be trekking for long hours. The best ones are those that have sweat-wicking properties. Gore-tex range again is a good option as it is waterproof and breathable.


If you are on a summer hike, shorts can offer you the most comfort. Pants are ideal for winter hikes or if you expect the temperature to drop quite a bit. Pants also protect you from poisonous or allergic plants and mosquitoes and other insects too.


Avoid wearing shirts. T-shirts are less complicated. Based on the weather conditions, you can choose either short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirts but generally look out for t-shirts that are lightweight and moisture wicking.


Sunglasses are an absolute necessity for any trek. They prevent your eyes from UV rays and in winters they protect from snow blindness.


Regular trekkers know that Weather is sometimes a far more crucial factor than the terrain itself for assessing the difficulty of a trek. In such unpredictable circumstances, it is better to be equipped than to be caught off-guard. And a windcheater comes in handy to help avoid serious problems. Windcheaters protect you not only from the chilly winds but also from an unexpected rainstorm.

Other Accessories

Carry a small thin towel along with cold cream or sunscreen depending upon the weather. Choose woolen hand gloves or synthetic gloves which are waterproof. Take a sun cap or head scarf to protect your skin from UV rays.

Are you a trekking enthusiast? Do you have any more advice for fellow trekkers?