What are the different ways to wear a belt – Buckle Up!

Belts are possibly the most stylish, smart and easy option when it comes to adding some character to your outfit! Here we’ll explore a few unconventional ways to wear belts.

With a Dress
Dresses look great when paired with belts as it leads to the dress hugging you in the right places. Pair a printed dress with a solid thin belt or a neutral dress with a snazzy metallic one… The choices are endless!

Over a Sweater
For a unique look, wear a belt over an oversized sweater or over an open cardigan. It will help hold the outfit together and look super fashionable!

Knot it Up
A trendy new way of wearing belts is knotting them instead of using the buckle. For this remember to buy a slightly flexible belt in a bigger size to have room for the knotting.

Doubled Up
A new style is to wear belts doubled up. This can be done either by wearing two similar belts together or by choosing contrasting colors to stand out from the crowd!

Wear a Ribbon
Ribbons are cheap, lightweight and come in a variety of colors. Thin or thick, braided or twisted, ribbons can be used as a feminine and flirty substitute for belts.

Use your imagination and go crazy finding new ways to wear belts. You can look super chic without dishing out big bucks to get a designer buckle. Remember to avoid cluttering the outfit with too many textures. When in doubt, simple is always better!