What to buy from Karnataka?

The legacy of the Vijayanagara kingdom lives partly in the archeological wonders of Hampi and in the culture that is still strongly rooted in its traditions. Part of that great culture are these stylish pieces that haven’t lost their relevance even in the modern times.

Mysore Silk

The Mysore Silk Saree, once reserved for the elite in the society, is now one of the most popular saris among masses for its fine and exquisite fabric. Coming from India’s largest silk producing state, Karnataka, Mysore silk sari is known for the purity of the fabric and the longevity of the Saree owing to the purity of the gold zari work. This sari is ideal for people who prefer wrinkle free clothing and less investment in maintenance.

Karnataka Embroidery Saree

Kasuti work, often referred to as Karnataka embroidery, entails embroidery patterns that are often stitched with hand to achieve the most difficult and intricate patterns. These sarees can be worn for important day functions.

Ilkal Cotton Saree

An Ilkal saree is a no fuss creation with basic design elements and bold colors. The Ilkal Saree owes its simple, earthy look to Karnataka. This saree is made from locally sourced cotton, is hand-woven in earthy colors like bright green, brown, dark indigo or orange.

Laxmi coin Necklace

Lakshmi coin necklace is typically gifted to a bride on her marriage. It looks grand as well as very ethnic, great for the lovers of classic designs.

Bormala necklace

Bormala is another type of necklace that is quite traditional and popular among the local ladies. Buy one if you are smitten by its timeless appeal.

So what will you buy from the Karnataka?