What to buy from Tamil Nadu?

The genius of Tamil culture can be observed across all spheres of life. The excellence of Bharatanatyam is as revered across the country as is the finesse of Tanjore Paintings and the richness of Tamil literature. It is then natural that this land has produced great skill in the field of style as well. Let us have a look.

Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram Saree is an extremely resilient hand-woven piece of clothing that could weigh about 500 grams and can last for decades due to the real metals such as gold and silver that are used in the making of the zari. The traditional zari work highlights patterns of gopurams, nightingale’s Eye and peacocks among others. Kancheepuram silk sarees are typically priced between INR. 2,000 and INR. 80,000 depending on the size and quality of the zari.

Madurai Cotton Saree

Crafted to beat the heat of Southern Tamil Nadu, the cotton Saree of Madurai comes in the form of an extremely thin, smooth and soft piece of garment. These sarees often have a single base color combined with a well-sketched border that has been naturally dyed.

Arani Pattu

If you love vibrant colors in your sarees, Arani pattu has plenty to offer to you. A unique feature of the Arani pattu saree is that the Saree would have one color or design on one half and have one or more colors, designs, patterns or motifs, border and pallu on the remaining half. The difference is so radical that the same Saree can be adorned in 2 entirely different ways without anyone recognizing it.

Coimbatore Cotton Saree

Coimbatore cotton sarees are as comfortable and light in the fabric as they seem simple in their design. It is another Saree that can help you beat the heat yet make a statement with its vivid design patterns and vibrant colors.

Rasipuram Silk Saree

Literally, Rasipuram silk sarees are one of the finest sarees – it holds 5600 threads in a square inch of warp and weft. The sarees are made with dual color threads to provide a shimmering effect. With this effect, this Saree certainly looks grand enough to be worn for special occasions such as family weddings, festivals and traditional gatherings.

Chettinad Saree

Chettinad, like its unique cuisine, has a distinct feature when it comes to Saree as well. These sarees have a seemingly heavy look with striking colours that are blended together in a combination of stripes, checks and color contrasts. These patterns will sure remind you of the Tartan patterns used in the Scottish Kilt.

Are you convinced of keeping a piece of Tamil Nadu in your closet?