What to buy from Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal has a rich tradition of weaving and crafting very unique jewellery. Ornamentation has been part of the heritage of its people and every item is not just a piece of art but has a story behind it. Let’s run you through a few that are on the top of our list.


The Adi women wear a distinctive locally made ornament called benyop – it’s a belt on which series of three, five, seven or nine brass discs are strung on a cane, screw pine fiber or leather cord. It’s largest disc, the spiral motif represents the wheel of life, is placed at the center, the others arranged in graduated sizes.

Cowrie Shells’ ornaments and jewellery

Cowrie shells have long been valued for personal adornment in India and they hold a special place among the tribes of Arunachal. Traditionally they have been adorned by both men and womenfolk and they are still widely used though the creations are have now included the changes in lifestyle and tastes.

Bamboo and Cane Jewellery

The state of Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its tribal jewelry made of cane and bamboo. The tribes of Arunachal Pradesh also use brass, bone, ivory, silver and gold to embellish them.  In addition to this, colorful beads, blue feathers of birds, green wings of beetles are also used to decorate their ornaments.