Wardrobe Refresh: Entering Corporate World

Entering the corporate world for the first time? Unsure of what to wear and how to rejuvenate your wardrobe?
Here we share a list of few essentials that should be in your wardrobe when you enter the corporate world.

As you may know, the corporate world expects professionalism and sophistication from all employees. How you present yourself before others become quite important, and your outfits and styling play a vital role in building your brand.

Below are some of the essential items that you should have when you enter the corporate world:

A Black Dress

A Black Dress is one of the most vital investments for any woman. So ladies, don’t think much before investing in a good quality piece. It is something you can wear to your office as well as casual get-togethers. In fact, there may be events such as black tie parties in which you are required to wear a formal dress. And in those moments your little black dress can be your go-to option.

Black Pumps

No other shoe gives you a better professional look than closed-toed pumps. The heels talk of confidence, while closed-toes are appropriately conservative. Invest time to find yourself a comfortable pair.

A Well-tailored Skirt

A well-tailored skirt that fits your body type will be a fantabulous addition to your corporate wardrobe. There are different styles such as pencil, A-line, flared, pleated etc. Pick the style that looks best on your body shape, and make this skirt your fall-back option.


There are a few subtle things that you need to pay attention to while you purchase trousers. Trousers should not bundle up at the crotch. We recommend you to buy a couple of trousers. A narrow fit trouser that hits your ankles can be worn with ballerina flats. Another one that is straight and longer can be worn with heels.

A Couple of Shirts

It goes without saying that formal shirts are must-haves. We recommend you to buy a crisp white one, for its versatility. You may buy another one in stripes or polka, in a shade that goes well with your skirt and trousers.

A Cardigan

A simple neutral colored cardigan can be worn with any trouser, skirt, and dress. Feminine cardigans are perfect for days when you want to keep yourself warm but don’t want to appear as all stuffed up.


We recommend you to get three pieces made of same fabric – skirt, blazer and a pair of trousers, if possible. So, you will have a pantsuit and a skirt suit. While choosing blazers, make sure the sleeves do not cover the shirt completely. About half inch of the shirt’s sleeves should be visible when you put on your suit.

Professional Handbag

The key is to choose a handbag that looks classy and sophisticated just like your attire. We recommend a structured tote made out of leather. Please avoid handbags that have a lot of bling and shine.

Fashion Jewelry

Wear a simple chain bracelet and small stud earrings to give your attire a complete look.

Traditional Dresses

A nicely pinned up cotton sari looks elegant and sophisticated when paired with a cotton blouse. Blouses with half sleeves are preferable. In terms of fabric, opt silk or chiffon. When it comes to fitting, your blouses must fit comfortably and not appear tight, wrinkled or distractive due to loud colors.

Keep in mind: Instead of venturing out unplanned, think of a color theme you’d start with and try to stick to it. Black and white may form a default entry due to their versatility. If, for instance, you choose blue as your other neutral color, you may pick your trousers and skirts in black or blue. The shirts can be in whites or off-white. Your cardigan and blazer can be in gray.

The first phase of your corporate wardrobe will be quite limited. By following a color theme, you can maximize the tasteful mixing of several pieces.