How To Find The Perfect Perfume?

If you’re a fan of perfume, you probably have a list of the type of scents that you’d like to own. However, keep in mind that the scent of a perfume changes as it touches your skin, so you should know not only which is the perfect scent that suits your taste but also whether a particular fragrance suits you.

These days there is a multitude of fragrances available in the market, making it complicated to search for the perfect scent. It becomes necessary to know what are the typical fragrances you can get in a perfume and how the aroma would be when the perfume blends with your skin.

Types of essences

The types of essences are divided based on the main aroma that a perfume carries. Essences are fragrances that predominate in a perfume, and you should keep in mind whether you wish to achieve a specific aroma.

Among the various kinds of essences are:

  1. Floral

Romantic and sensual women prefer floral scents. These scents typically carry a touch of rose and jasmine. There are also green floral aromas such as lavender, anise, mint and green tea, which are quite refreshing.

  1. Fruit

Some fruit aromas that carry scents of apple, pear or pineapple are soft in fragrance intensity while other citrus aromas that carry scents of orange, lemon and grapefruit are stronger.

  1. Woody

Woody fragrances are for people that prefer strong and long-lasting scents. You can choose from pine, sandalwood or cedar.

  1. Picante

Picante is the spicy aroma that carries ginger, coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg in its scent, that can increase the body heat;

While there are more types of fragrances, the above listed are the commonly found perfumes. Knowing about them will make it easier to choose a perfume that suits your style.

Some Additional Tips

  1. If you are still confused on which one might suit you, you can always consult a specialist at the perfume store. Advise them on the aromas and fragrances that you like and the salesman must be able to help you find the right.
  2. Try different flavors. Do not lock yourself with one type of fragrance. Try new perfumes to understand how your skin reacts to various fragrances.
  3. Do not buy the same day. When you decide to try a fragrance on your skin, try avoiding to buy on the same day. Rather, allow one whole day to test the intensity, reactions, and longevity of the fragrance. If you like the result of the changes, give it a green light and grab that perfume.

What are your favorite fragrances? What type of scents attracts you? What are your tricks to get the right perfume?

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