The Top 6 Accessories Trend – 2019

Accessories have the power of making or breaking our wardrobes. A box full of accessories is what every girl swoons for. Why not stock up for these essential accessories trending this season?

Perfect for festival season, you can gear up with this most trendy hair accessory. Weave this beaded suede and tassel braid-in through your locks. Metal clip comb helps to secure easily.

Fedora Hat
This head accessory is all you will need whenever you head to the beach. Your maxi dress, sunnies and this hat is all you will need to rock an effortless beach look. It will also come in handy on the winter days when the objective is skin protection against sun.

Leaf Headband
A leaf headband is in trend just for the creative and daring fashionista in you. Is it you kind of thing?

Embellished Hair Clips
Move away from regular single coloured hair clips to these fresh-looking Embellished hair clips. They look glamorous and very chic.

Ear cuffs are hitting everywhere from runway to the streets. Choose from a wide variety for different occasions and moods.

Chained Headband
A Chained headband is a stunning piece that’s quite hot right now. It will make you feel dressy as soon as you put it on, just the kind of look you desire while attending concerts, going to flea markets etc.

So, which accessories are you buying this season?