6 Makeup Struggles Every Girl Goes Through

Makeup is something fun and personal to each of us. It is entirely based on one’s own choice of whether to apply makeup or not.

Although we love makeup, it can get pretty frustrating at times. Even if makeup becomes part of the everyday routine, we tend to make some mistakes once in a while. Especially, when I started to learn I struggled so much that I used to curse why I have to put on makeup sometimes.

Here are 6 things that can happen when you are applying makeup:

1. Mascara face – Difficult not to look dumb when you do this.

2. Unsupportive eyes – adamant to blink when mascara or liner is still wet

3. Your partner or friends “trying” to be funny right when you are applying your liner.

4. Emotional moments when the make-up isn’t waterproof.

5. The damn lipstick sliding out of the border.

6. Getting late due to makeup. And, finding new reasons to justify. Every single time.

Have you gone through any of the above?