Style Elements that Add Charm to Your Outfit

The motive of dramatic style elements is to add some fun to your outfit and attract positive attention.

Here we present a few staples that you can stock for adding drama to your look.

Extra Large Tote

It will be bold enough to be generate awe and envy. Just make sure not to carry it empty or excessively filled.

Super Pointy Heels

These will add tons of oomph to your outfit. If you see someone wearing super pointy heels, will you be able to ignore? Hell NO!

Bright or Printed Shoes

Bright shoes, in any style, add fun to the outfit. Canvas shoes in vivid shades can be slightly bold quite wearable. Neon pumps, on the other hand, can be your go-to dramatic shoes. Prints can also be quite catchy.

Reflective Sunglasses

Reflective sunglasses are Kim Kardashians of the sun-glass world. Their beauty may be debatable, but they cannot go unnoticed.

Statement Necklace

You can add life to a plain, boring outfit just by donning a statement necklace. Keep a few of these – in stones, pearls and metal.

Huge Earrings

If you choose a pair of huge earrings, keep the rest of accessories simple. To look chic, we highly recommend you to stay away from wearing anything on neck.