8 Must-Have Items for a Classic and Ever Green Wardrobe

Classic style is synonymous with ever-green awesomeness. In Indian context, classic means wearing white salwar kurta on holi or a kanjeevaram saree to a wedding. Or black suit for your job interview.

In the pure form it is a relatively no-brainier style. But the fun begins when you add other style elements to make it interesting.

Here we suggest a few must-have classic items.

Little Black Dress

You knew this would top the list, didn’t you? As simple it may sound, an important thing while buying an LBD is to consider what fabric, length, detailing and neck-line will suit your needs the best. One with sleeves and knee-length may be relatively easy-to-wear than the revealing ones. But you could also opt for sleeveless or strappy style, and reach out for cardigans or blazers to wear it in office.

Plain White Shirt

Talk about versatility, this one piece can we worn with all kinds of trousers, skirts, shorts and outerwear. We recommend you to buy one in crisp linen or cotton and another in a flowy fabric such as silk or chiffon. That way you are covered for all seasons and occasions.

Trench Coat

A classic trench is the perfect outerwear. Whenever you desire a polished look, this piece will take your classiness quotient a few notches higher.

Pencil Skirt

We need not say what a pencil skirt does to accentuate your curves and elongate your body. It is another evergreen piece, never out of fashion.

Tuxedo Blazer

This is a french classic must-have. A black tuxedo blazer can add heaps of sophistication to a sloppy day outfit and make you ready for that special dinner in moments.

Striped Tee

This is a classic casual piece. Can be dressed up or worn casually, in a zillion ways. We recommend you to buy one that flatters your shape.

Perfect Pair of Denim

Take time to find the perfect pair that suits your body shape. We recommend at least one pair in blue shade that’s not torn.

A fitted Cardigan

A cardigan is a classic woman’s go-to item. Buy cashmere for cooler weather, and linen for summer days. It looks neat, feels warm and can be quite long-lasting. Again, the key to flexibility lies in picking neutral shades.

These items would work as building blocks to your classic wardrobe. Most of these can be worn at work as well as during casual occasions. We’ll give you more suggestions on how to spice up these pieces in the future posts.

Tips: Don’t shy away from spending extra bucks for better quality. These are ever-green items, and economically it works in your favor if they last longer.