Lady, Discover Your Style Persona

A lot of women reading this post may have their closets overflowing and yet may struggle to find something appropriate to wear on a given day. This happens because, in our busy lives, we often find time for binge shopping but rarely for putting thought into our style. At Fashioncrab, we believe style should be a thing of joy, inspiration, and self-expression. Below we are trying to help you understand and define your style persona.

So, how’d you define your style?

1. Classic

Do you view clothing as a tool to radiate your grace and sophistication? Hardly distracted by latest trends, you stick to classic, conventional and conservatives pieces. We are talking Little Black Dresses and trench coats, pearls, and stripes. You hoard blacks, whites, Navy’s, grays and beiges. Loud pieces, short-lived trends, and ultra-feminine clothes seem alien or scary to you. At the end of the day, you feel people should respect you for who you are, and your clothing only assists you slightly to attain that.

2. Easy-going

Are you most driven by comfort? You hate high heels and the beautiful pair you bought last has been lying depressed in your shoe rack. Denim, tees, and sneakers are your thing – and anything else that does not require too much thought or effort. We are talking open hair, layering pieces and attention to the functionality of the outfit. You care about looking good only to some extent, as to you, nothing is more beautiful than being your natural self.

3. Unique

Do you enjoy turning eye balls? The sub-personas within unique style are dramatic and creative, depending upon your motivation. You may end up standing out due to your need to stand out or to express your boundless creativity.

If you are dramatic, you like statement pieces, highly-structured clothes, bold neons, or sometimes revealing outfits. You have the confidence to carry unusual style elements with confidence. You attract a lot of envy from the crowds, but you secretly enjoy that.

If you are creative, you are likely not a slave to trends or classic styles, but more of an explorer. The idea of DIY excites you – what better to express yourself than create your clothing yourself. You probably also enjoy collecting local artistic pieces wherever you go and do them in your own way. Basically, you love breaking style rules and imprinting your uniqueness onto your outfits.

4. Feminine

Do you see style as a way for you to express your feminity and romanticism? You are likely drawn towards lace and ruffles, pastels and florals. You are also likely to love flowy fabrics such as chiffon and silk that help you flaunt those beautiful curves. You probably have an affinity towards heels, braided hair and dresses. Oh, how you hate the idea of sporting black tees with regular jeans and sneakers. Life isn’t pretty without pink!

5. Trendy

Do you believe in walking abreast with the latest fashion? You love designer pieces and are on top of the latest trends before anyone else. Crop tops – check. Bomber Jackets – check. Full skirts – check. Obviously, you are drawn to the latest arrival section in the stores. Even under money constraints, you’d prefer to buy a hot trending piece from a cheaper store rather than an expired fashion item at a great brand’s clearance sale. After all, the beauty of life lies in continuous adaptation. Isn’t it?

Fashion is so broad, that it is difficult to put defining boundaries to it. The above mentioned are only a few major reasons that motivate people to dress up well. Your persona may be a mixture of those or something completely different.