Building Blocks for an Easy-going Style – Accessories

Being a lazy fashionista ain’t easy. You want to look good but not at the cost of your comfort. Here we recommend ways to incorporate style into your outfit via easy-to-carry accessories.

Words that define Easygoing Style => Casual. Comfortable. Low Maintenance. Loose. Functional.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes have a cult following among the easygoing fashionistas. As much as we appreciate the versatility of neutral colored sneakers, we recommend you to turn to the playful options for the days when your outfit is otherwise boring.


Scarves can be your go to accessories. Keep some in bright solids and some in prints. Also keep a mix of fabrics for different seasons – cotton, chiffon, silk, and woollen. As you get ready, pick one scarf that complements the rest of your outfit. Easy.


Stud earrings are the easiest pieces of jewelry that you can put on. They add an element of seriousness that bare earlobes just do not possess. We recommend that you hoard several of these in different colors, patterns, and shapes.

Flip flops

Girl, we understand your need to go flip flop. There are days when you simply don’t wanna tie the shoe laces, and heels are, well, out of question. May we suggest that you opt for quality flip flops with tasteful color, print or detailing? Also, a word of caution – make sure your feet are groomed well enough to be flaunted.

Sling bag

Go hands-free with a sling bag hung across your shoulder. You could choose between leather saddle bags or printed canvas bags. But we suggest you keep both styles to suit different types of outfits.

Leather Boots

For the colder days, keep a staple pair of flat leather boots that would go with all your formal and casual clothes. Presence of zipper will take the ease quotient of the boots several notches higher. Why wouldn’t you love that?

Words that define Easygoing Style => Casual. Comfortable. Low Maintenance. Loose. Functional.

Any other easy-to-wear accsessories that you swear by?