9 Effortless Looks With Denim Vests

Denim vests are close cousins of denim jackets but they have their own identity and following. A good denim vest is a casual piece that can be effortlessly worn in many different ways.

Denim vests are fairly evergreen. In summer, they can be used as layering pieces and during autumn you can pull the vests over long sleeves or sweat shirts to keep yourself warm. Moreover, they have the ability to make any outfit look more interesting.

Here, we show nine different styles to wear denim vests:

1. Denim vests look refreshing when paired with colored trousers.

2. Spice up your outfit by adding a printed scarf and denim vest over your favorite pair of jeans.

3. For autumn, wear your vest over a nautical stripes top.

4. For a perfect looking summer outfit, don your vest with a maxi skirt.

5. Layer your vest over a tee and printed skirt. Add sneakers for an ideal weekend look.

6. Turn your all black outfit into a glamorous one with a light blue denim vest

7. For a chic look,  you can wear white denim vests over floral dress and put on your flats

8. For a boho look, wear your vest over a lace dress and strappy sandals.

9. And the easiest of all outfits is to wear a denim vest over a strappy maxi dress. Looks classier than a shrug, don’t you think?

Which of these looks is your favorite?