10 Fun Ways To Wear Plaid Shirts!

The plaid shirt has become a staple that you must have this season. But how do you style it?

Under a Sweater

Wear a plain sweater over your shirt and keep the cuffs and bottom of your shirt loose. You can also wear it with shorts, skirts or a pair of jeans.

Over jeans and plain tee

This is a casual and relaxed look. Leave your plaid shirt open over a plain top and a pair of shorts. Complete your look with a pair of comfortable and high heel footwear.

Under Fur Vest

In case you love styling for the winter, this one’s for you. . You can use this outfit with your plaid shirt warmly wrapped under a thick fur vest and a long coat.

Under a chunky, open cardigan

A solid colored open cardigan can go perfectly with your plaid shirt. It’s an outfit that offers simplicity along with elegance.

With your favorite denim shorts

If something was obligated to be in this list, it is the denim shorts. You may style your plaid shirt anyway that you like –  open, closed, tucked in or tucked out of a short and you’ll still see scorching hot fashion for the summer.

With Casual Denim Pants

A buttoned up shirt tucked into a nice pair of jeans makes a casual outfit for work or study.

With down-vest and boots

For winter, wear your shirt under your down vest and don your skinnies. Put on your boots and you’re ready to go.

With your mini skirt

Just tuck in your plaid shirt in your mini skirt, put on your black tights and boots. You are all set to rock this autumn.


For rockers who follow the latest trend in grunge fashion, or for those who want to conceal their rear, this look is perfect. Your plaid shirt is multi-purpose!

Over a Dress

If you wish to wear your little summer dress during fall, wear a plaid shirt over it.