7 Fashion Jewelry Hacks that will make your Life Easy

The jewelry always has a unique power to make elegant personality look. The power of jewelry and fashion earrings for women can make a unique outfit. However, it is very much important to know the awesome ways to buy fancy earrings at a low price and keep them safe to shine for more years to come. For that, you have to know the seven fashion jewelry hacks that will guide you how to make your life.

  1. Ready to get rid of knots in chains of your bracelet

If you would like to wear bracelet often, you just place your bracelet chain on a clean surface after using it. You can sprinkle the knot in a baby powder to make the knots become loose enough to be detangled with a safety pin or needle. Afterward, the most important thing to remember is to rinse it with the mild soap and warm water, before laying the bracelet out to dry. But, it is for gold and silver jewelry only and not for the artificial one.

  1. Prevent knots in the necklace chains

In order to prevent the disasters of all such pieces of jewelry, all you have to do is threading your necklace via a straw and then close the clasp very tightly. If you have knots in the necklace, then you just follow the above procedure.

  1. Get tight fitting bangles on your hands without any pain

When you feel right fitting bangles on your hands, you can apply some petroleum jelly on your hand. This will soften your hand and then try to put the bangles on your hands easily. They will smoothly fit your wrist to wear bangles without any pain. Whenever you wear the bangles, you can rub more petroleum jelly that will easily come out from the hands.

  1. Prevent your hair falling in the necklace clasp

When the hair gets into the clasp of a necklace, it will be irritating for you. A simple hack to avoid this is to purchase a short length of aquarium tube more easily that available in many pet shops. You just cut off tiny pieces to cover the necklace clasp and then slide it into the chain and then once again cover the clasp once.

  1. Get your bronze and brass jewelry in place

Take a slice of lemon and sprinkle some salt over it. Now, apply the lemon slice over your jewelry, rinse with water and then dry it using a soft cloth. In a case of a harder tarnish, you just make a paste of water, lemon and baking soda to clean your dangle chandelier earrings and your jewelry.

  1. Clean the nose pin without any pain

Let’s have a sterile saline solution for yourself. Then add 1/4th teaspoon of non-iodized salt to a cup of warm water. The nose pin will be no longer a problem for those who got the piercing recently.

  1. Bring back the spark to your favorite silver anklet without going to a jeweler

Take a ceramic bowl with water and add a teaspoon of salt, baking powder and also a dash of white vinegar. Now, you can place the silver anklet in that mixture for five minutes and get ready to use. There are plenty of sites online where you can shop designer earrings for women and buy many more things in one place.