10 Clever Ways to keep your Jewelry Organized

Jewelry is always being in trend for many centuries to make women’s happy. When you shop designer earrings for women or any other jewelry items, you should know the 10 clever ways to keep your jewelry organized.

  1. Hanger jewelry holder

This hanger hack looks very stunning against the heavy patterned or a plain brick wall. You just find this jewelry holder and paint on a metallic coat as well as screw in the eye hooks. The length of this wooden hanger can achieve the functional display.

  1. Excellent accessory organizer

Now, there are many online shopping sites for earrings are available to make people easy to buy. Once you buy the multi-colored hoop earrings then you have to keep the earrings, scarves, and sunglasses in the right suitable organizer. It is very easy to find and also looking awesome at the place.

  1. Animal jewelry holder

Another great way to hold your jewelry is using the mini animal toys. You have to see the creatures carefully and super glue to paint all the animals. If you need extra support, you just try to screw the flat back of the toys into the wood.

  1. Frame and molding organizer

This frame can be an elegant transformation for holding the jewelry items. Actually, it is a multi-function organizer that can be formed using power tools, wood glue and a little bit of elbow grease.

  1. Saucer and shot glass tiered tray

In order to stylish the jewelry organization, you can use this saucer and shot glass tiered tray. The clear shot glasses can also support the perfect saucers or decorative dessert plates for catching the attractive pieces of a holder to protect your crystal pearl drop earrings and your other valuable things.

  1. Table antlers

The antlers are naturally looking jagged shape that can be made with a perfect material. It is a perfect choice for outdoor decoration with attractive gold as well as glitter embellishments.

  1. Cutlery tray necklace organizer

The cutlery trays are absolutely designed with several compartments, which make it sense to use them to store or hold the necklaces with a perfect addition of cup hooks and clear knobs. This organizer is now available with the various freehand patterns in each form of the cubby.

  1. Twig and Twine jewelry hanger

The longest durable twig is quite tough to feel. It consists of five hooks and wrapped with twine are well glued in the place. On each stick end, you just try to add the small dream catchers or feathers.

  1. Utensil holder jewelry stand

When you think out of the box in selecting the jewelry stand, the utensil holder jewelry stand is a good choice for you. This holder can be easily fixed in any places and use it as a jewelry stand. It contains a plenty of space both inside and outside that helps you to keep storing the gems or other jewelry items.

  1. Cork board panel display

This cork board panel display is really an excellent board for holding your various types of jewelry. You just add a pop-up color to this cork board by using an acrylic paint.