What to Wear to College Everyday

There’s no feeling like waiting for your first day of college. It’s mix of excitement, uncertainty and hope all rolled into one. And like all other times I’m here to sort out all your doubts this time too, (at least the wardrobe bit). Here’s a list of must haves in your closet before the roller coaster ride begins.

Here we have listed all the College Essentials:

  1. Denim

If there’s one piece of clothing you cannot do without its got to be denim. No matter what your style, they are absolutely necessary and we all know that. But with the number of options in denim you do get kind of lost. Invest in a few pairs, they will be the foundation to most of your looks. Go for a basic blue pair and a couple of trendy ones. You’ve got a ton to choose from: jeggings, boyfriend jeans, distressed, skinny..i mean the list is endless.

  1. Sneakers

A decent pair of trainers will get you far during your first year of college. Contrary to popular belief college is not all prom nights and parties. You will be doing a lot of running around and you want to be comfortable when doing that. Choose a practical and comfortable pair; Adidas Superstars, Converse Chuck Taylors or  a funky pair of Skechers are a few options that I suggest.

  1. Satchel

A Good Handbag is a worthwhile investment and will get freshers into a student mindset. Colored ones brighten up winter mornings and are practical, with room for A4 lecture notes. Pick a color according to your budget; go for neutrals like black and brown if you’re looking at a solid buy or choose from a myriad of funky colors if you’re hitting the flea market.

  1. Chunky jewellery

A decent necklace is a great investment, even on a student budget. They can be perfect dress with a t-shirt or jumper to lectures, and they also look great for nights at the pub or club.

  1. Plaid Shirt

“Most freshers will have been part of the cargo pant, jeans  and jelly shoe generation. But there are some reasons to be nostalgic for the nineties kid – resurrect grunge this term with a plaid shirt. They are a great pairing with regular denims and completely transform looks when paired with dresses  and skirts.

  1. Suit

It may be your first business suit, so make it count. These will go a long way and you will cherish them forever. A well tailored suit is your armour of confidence be it those special presentations or that “oh I want it so bad ” interview.