Types Of Meenakari Jewellery The Modern Flavour Of Ancient Queens!

meenakari jewelleries

The Jewellery world is really a fascinating field in which the desire of customers always keeps Jewellery designers busy in experimenting with new designs using the new material to create better pieces than before. Even people who love to adore jewellery all the time always try to find new ideas for experimenting with different designs and metals for refreshing their look. This is what heightens the fashion quotes of the jewellery world in different varieties, as this is the new emerging demand of the modern generation. Well, if you are the one who adores the famous colourful Bohemian jewellery of India, then, you must already be well known for the popular jewellery that originated from the beautiful city of Rajasthan. The beauty of Meenakari jewellery is in trend within the brides of India as it provides a royal look to them. Also, Meenakari jewellery is known as the evergreen style of the jewellery world, which is offered to you with varied price tags that totally depends on the design and the material of the creation. 

But elegant and attractive designs of it guaranteed to steal the spotlight always. So, if you have been fascinated to try some beauty style of traditional Queen’s with the touch of modern flavour then our guide will surely help you to understand Meenakari jewellery from its core. After that, we are sure, meenakari jewellery is your personal favourite. We suggest you buy these from certified authenticators. So let’s get started!

Ek Rang Khula Meena

Ek Rang Khula Meena

The main procedure of making Meenakari jewellery involves covering the metal with some beautiful colours of enamels. And many of you are quite well known for this fact. This is the oldest part of our country that comes in different modern designs. Ek rang khula meena is involved in the use of single colour transparent enamel. This is a beautiful creation in which the area of the engraved section is filled with a single enamel leaving the outline of a gold colour that exposes the figure of all details of this beautiful piece. 

Band Meena Khaka

Light Blue Meenakari Lotus Jhumka Earring for Wedding

This is very popular in women, they love to dress up like a Queen by keeping in mind the old traditions. The method of making this involves the use of opaque for creating an outline. Usually, transparent colour is used for designing opaque enamel cartouche to make charming pairs of meenakari jhumkas

Panch Rang Meena

Multicolor Polki and Meenakari Mala

This is a beautiful creation of Meenakari jewellery, though the name of this meena quietly provides the clarity of the features. Panch rang meena means jewellers can use five colours of enamels in it. Such as safed, fakhati, fakhta, khula nila, khula sabz. The shades of these rang are just similar to their name like safed is considered as an opaque white, fakhti opaque light blue, fakhta a dove, khula nila transparent dark blue and khula sabz transparent green. 

Stone Carving

Peach Color Kundan Meenakari Necklace Set

The particular design of stone carving is engraved by making a deep impression on metals. This is basically used by the jewellers at a very minimal rate, in this part of meenakari different kundan are combined. And, at last, different articles of these are amalgamated with each other for creating stone carvings and enamelling. 

Gulabi Meena 

Gulabi Meena

The name of this type clearly defines the features of it. Yes, you guessed it right, pink enamels are derived from roses. This type is quite popular in the area of Varanasi, the creation of this is painted on a white background. After that, a single transparent colour is used to fill the ground of the opaque figure. The basic use of pink enamel is to paint the flower’s in the design. 

Hope from our article you are quite clear about the new modern flavours of ancient queen’s designs of Meenakari jewellery, you can also get all these meenakari artificial jewellery online at fashioncrab.com for a queen like avatar.