Tips To Choose The Right Jewelry That Matches With Your Skin Tone!

Tips To Choose The Right Jewelry That Matches With Your Skin Tone!

Jewelry is one of the most precious items of women’s fashion. The tradition of molding itself with ornaments can be thousands of years old, but it has never gone out of style. Jewelry is considered as one of the highest symbols of the femininity. It effortlessly combine a perfect touch of elegance and grace and bring out the best version of a woman’s form. Some people consider Jewellery as a symbol of status.

Wearing Jewellery that matches your skin tone is a perfect idea. It not only highlights your natural skin tone but also boosts your confidence about what you wear.

Identify your skin tone: Not all skin tones are the same.  The skin overtone is primarily affected by the environment and by the skin surface layer. While the undertone remains the same. The skin overtone can easily be tanned or burnt in the sun’s harsh rays.

There are three types of skin tone – warm, neutral, and cool. You can identify your skin tone by observing your veins on your wrist. It the color of your veins is blue or purple, then you have cool skin tone. Whereas greenish color then you have warm skin tone probably. In case you can distinguish between greenish and blue, then your skin tone falls under the neutral category.  Make sure to check your skin tone under natural light.

Matching Metal Jewellery with your skin tone: It is necessary to identify your skin tone before matching exposing your skin to Jewellery. Now when you know your skin type, it will be much easier for you now to find a perfect jewelry piece for you.

1) If you have a cool skin type, then light metals ornaments like silver, white gold, platinum, etc. is a perfect choice for you. Silver is a standard metal that can illuminate your natural skin tone. Same goes with white gold and platinum as it can help in enhancing your natural skin tone.

2) If you possess a warm skin tone, then metals like gold, copper, and brass will match your skin tone perfectly.

3) If you have a neutral type of skin tone, then both yellow and white metals will suit your best.

It does not matter whether you are buying Jewellery online or on a Jewellery store, you should always look for your preferences before buying Jewellery. Nothing is better than jewelry pieces that look flattering on you and compliment your looks.

Matching skin tone with Gemstones

By matching gemstones with your skin tone always ensure that your Jewellery never look odd on wearing and make you look elegant. Sometimes Metals are not just enough. Since gems are big in trend, you can embrace your looks by wearing gemstones that compliment your skin tone.

1) For cooler skin tone, bright colored gemstones look most exquisite. Colors like ruby, sapphire, and amethysts go well will cool skin tone.

2) Those with warm skin tone; earthy colors like yellow, orange, brown will suit more. Gemstone sets like garnets, Coral, citrines will look perfect on you.

3) For a neutral skin tone, you can try both dark and light colors as all of them will look flattering on you.

Diamond is your Best Buddy: Women love diamonds, and they have been part of women’s life since ages. No matter what type of your skin tone is, a diamond will do full justice to you.

Indian Jewellery is timeless: Indian Jewellery is timeless. No jewelry can provide the glamour and aesthetics that Indian Jewellery does. Preferred on most occasions, you can select Jewellery as per your skin tone and can highlight your appearance in a unique way. Wearing Jewellery that matches your skin tone will always fetch you praises. You can always play with colors and with the type of attire you wear.

Jewelry buyers these days are more focused on trend and comfort. Indian Jewellery is very famous for its designs and unique carved styles. Once you decide on what type of Indian Jewellery you want to go for, you can get a fair idea about the latest designs by seeing artificial traditional Jewellery online.