The Most Stunning Rakhi for Your Amazing Brother

rakhis for brother

It is well known that the celebration of Raksha Bandhan honours the link of protection and care between a brother and his sister (including cousins). A charm or amulet known as the Rakhi is tied around the wrists of brothers of all ages in this Hindu ceremony, symbolically protecting them. The brother is also given the role of protecting and possibly caring for his sister. In addition to the abundance of presents that brothers and sisters-in-law bestow upon them during this festive season, sisters go all out in order to select the best Rakhis for brothers.

Traditional Rakhi

This one is well-known to all of us here. Many have large or medium-sized peacocks, the Om symbol and flower designs in traditional patterns. It is common for them to be embellished with brightly coloured gemstones and gold-plated accents. The most beautiful Rakhis in the world are those available in a variety of patterns. This one is more suited for the elderly, who value tradition over anything else. For the younger generation, there is a vast variety of Rakhis to choose from.

Contemporary Rakhi

Set of 2 Handmade Rakhi for Brother

These gorgeous rakhis are simple to make, yet they’re big right now. A black bracelet with the words “Bro,” “Cool Bro,” and “Bhai” written on it is what you’ll get. In addition, some of these also come with designs for a bike, guitar, initials, and goggles. The fact that your brother will be happy to wear them again and again makes this one a hit. It’s a fashion statement in and of itself!

Miniature Idols Rakhi

Ganesha Embellished Rakhi for Brother

These rakhis are for the religious brothers who are flawless in every aspect of their life. Their brother inspires you to be the best version of yourself. There are rakhis with the face of Ganesh ji or Krishna ji on them if they prefer something little and meaningful. Raksha Bandhan can be made even more special by preserving these sentimental keepsakes. It’s hard to see someone wanting to give up such a stunning piece of jewellery!

Rudraksh Rakhi

Beautiful Rudraksha Rakhi

Is this the kind of symbolism you’re looking for in a rakhi? Now is the time to add the Rudraksh Rakhi to your shopping list. Wearing Rudrakshs has been scientifically proven to provide health advantages, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. The Rudraksh rakhi you give your brother will demonstrate your affection for him. Why not wear it every day for the rest of your life? He can wear it for as long as he likes to reap the advantages of the Rudraksh’s healing properties.

Symbolic Rakhi

Set of 2 Rakhi for Brother

Celebrities such as Ekta Kapoor and others have made evil eye and symbolic charms so popular because of their wealth and fame. An Evil Eye or symbolic Rakhi is now available to protect your brother from any negative energy. These lovely rakhis could be transformed into a fashionable bracelet in the future.

Bracelet Rakhi

Silver Tone Om Damru Brass Ganesh Bracelet for Mens & Boys

Some brothers prefer bracelets, while others choose to wear their sister’s rakhi as a constant reminder of the festival’s significance. Bracelet rakhis are the perfect rakhi for this kind of sibling. Silver or gold plated options are available. You can also get bracelets with Rudrakshs, Evil Eyes, and other talismans attached to them. Mix & match them for a funky, layered effect.

Handcrafted Rakhi

Set of 2 Stylish Bal Hanuman and Peacock Rakhi

Creating anything from scratch has its own unique appeal. Rakhis are usually always handcrafted, but some of them are decorated with semi-precious stones, meenakari work, kundan, CZ and even pearl settings to make them even more appealing. You can’t go wrong with some handcrafted rakhis for this Raksha Bandhan.