Style Tips To Increase Productivity At Workplace

Before we begin, please give yourself a pat on your back for “working like a dog”. Yes we know that you are working so hard at work that you’ve completely stopped caring how you look. All that dress-up game merely seems to be a task for you. But hey, a well-thought out outfit can help you tremendously in increasing productivity at work. Read our tips.

Power dressing

How to portray that you are strong, smart and sharp-witted through clothes? Power dressing we say! So if you are a manager or that boss who wants to get things done through her leadership skills, dress up like a leader. Think of sharp silhouettes, solid colours, edgy cuts. Women can wear these in dresses, tops and suits. Men can don these in their suits as well as formal wears.

Comfort dressing

Creative folks or experts, who can be their most productive via slogging it out alone, will gain by dressing up in comfortable clothes. We are talking Chambray shirts, linen shirts, shorts and flip-flops. After all, it is only your work that speaks. Why not dress up in a way that’s most comfortable to you?

Low-maintenance Dressing

We understand that for you dressing-up means spending not more than 10 minutes each day. Dear IT guys and girls, say hello to wrinkle-free shirts and pants. Besides, satin and chiffon blouses are machine-washable and don’t require ironing. Men can choose from chinos, jeans and slim-fit trousers too.

Effortless dressing

If you are a marketing professional or a sales executive, and meetings are most likely to be out-of-the-blue for you, it may get difficult to stay head-to-toe-crisp everyday. We say, let one statement piece can do the glam trick for you and keep rest of the outfit simple. Women can choose from a well-structured blazers, statement tote bags, straight-fit trousers etc. Men can wear a slim-fit tie with well-fitted shirts, a patterned Blazer or winged tip shoes.