#PrettyLittleThings- Necklaces Galore!

perfect necklace for every outfit

The kind of jewelry one wears can make or break their outfit.  Keeping this in mind, it is essential to find the perfect necklace for every outfit. Ladies, hold tight as we introduce you to the 3 kinds of necklaces that you need to own!

Pretty in Pearls

A string of pearls is possibly the classiest accessory EVER. It matches with everything and can make you look sophisticated and formal in a matter of second. Also, if real pearls are out of your budget, a good quality replica pearl necklace looks just as good!

Make a Statement

Statement girls necklaces made a big comeback in 2018 and we love the trend! These chunky necklaces for women give you the chance to play with colors, styles, and sizes and we especially adore the funky floral designs. Try to avoid wearing ornate earrings with these, as they will overcrowd the look.

Dainty Danglers

A pretty little pendant on a thin chain looks beautiful and can be worn every day because of its subtlety. Buying a couple of chain necklaces in varying lengths will allow you to layer them to create a stylish look.

Remember, there are no set ways to wear these necklaces and fashion is all about experimenting until you discover what is perfect for you! Comment below to let us know which type of necklace is your favorite.