Mish-Mash the Kundan Jewellery with your Outfits and Look Stylish

Kundan jewel

Woopie!!! Planning to style up your outfit along with the best collection of Kundan jewels straight out from your mom’s and granny’s closet? If yes, then let me tell you that Kundan is one of the most loved jewelry pieces for Indian women. Be it a wedding, office party, or birthdays; Kundan jewels will be on the top of your list.

Kundan jewelry can go with anything and everything for sure. They make you look sophisticated, rich, and classy at the same time. So, do not stop yourself and make sure that you choose the best jewelry, be it kundan earrings, necklaces, or chokers for your next celebration.

So, let us begin our guide to the styling of the Kundan jewelry with our outfits.

Get a Perfect Kundan Set

best kundan set

Even though there is nothing like a bad Kundan set, it still always makes it a point to look for the best Kundan set. Always go for something which matches everything and can be worn with any outfit which you pick up from your wardrobe. You can choose a multicolored, white, or golden set which makes your outfit look surreal. Also, ensure that it is not too blingy that it overpowers your outfit since then I will not suggest wearing it for a wedding.

Combine the Right Elements

Combine the Right Elements

If you do not own a set, then you can surely combine different Kundan pieces. For example, if you own a Kundan choker, then you can buy matching Kundan earrings online or from a nearby store. This way there are more things you can add such as nath, maang tika, or a hand bracelet. These small elements will surely make you shine separately from the crowd.

Match it with your Clothes

match with clothes

The most versatile part of Kundan jewelry is that it will almost go with every outfit, be it bright, dark, black, or white. It is because the stones used in Kundan jewels can very easily get acquainted with your attire. From pink, red, blue, to green color; you will find Kundan stone in every color. Also, make sure that before you wear your outfit, match the cut of your blouse with the necklace you wear. This is necessary because long necklaces will look good with a short-collar blouse.

Make it go with the Theme

Go with the theme

You will find Kundan sets in a different theme and it is very much possible that the set you choose will not match the theme of the function you are going to. It will never make sense if you wear a Jodha style Kundan set to an office party and a choker for your wedding. Isn’t it? Rather it should be vis-à-vis. It is important to keep a note that you choose the right size and shape of jewelry for the events you are going to. Then only you are going to make the best out of your jewelry pieces.

So, these were some points and tips which you need to remember while you pick the best Kundan jewelry for yourself. Always make sure that the piece of jewelry you choose is wearable and does not keep lying in your wardrobe for ages. This is mandatory because they look good only when adorned on oneself and flaunted with a nice outfit.