Let’s Collaborate Western Outfits With Indian Jewellery Now

indo western jewellery designs

The modern woman is drawn to the traditional Indian jewellery because of its delicate nature and stunning appearance. Regardless of how westernised a person may become, they will always have a soft spot in their heart for traditional jewellery. The one and only drawback of traditional jewellery is that it can only be worn with other traditional items of clothing. Not any longer, though. We have come up with a variety of techniques to sport the western clothing while still wearing traditional artificial jewellery. Do you wish to learn how? Please read the next section in its entirety. 

Dress with No Straps, Kundan Necklace in the Center 

Single Line Kundan Set for Ladies

The combination of western clothing and Indian jewellery is widely regarded as one of the most daring fashion options there is. In the past, everyone believed that kundan could only be used for the jewellery worn by brides. This concept has undergone a fundamental shift. If you are rocking the show in a black strapless gown, all you need is a kundan necklace to complete your look. In point of fact, a number of models and actresses have already put this combo to the test, and the results were disastrous. Why, however, are you so terrified of mixing and matching different styles? Wearing the necklace with the gown is an easy way to make an immediate impact with your sense of style. 

The White Shirt and Flashy Necklace in a Dance  

Black Beads Western Choker Necklace for Girls

When you think of a white shirt, what images do you conjure up in your head? Dress for the office. The addition of a bold necklace can completely transform the appearance of an all-white button-down shirt’s business attire. Both the skirt and the necklace are versatile pieces that may be worn with either a skirt or jeans. Both types of outfits will benefit from the necklace’s ability to impart the necessary amount of oomph to the wearer. Always keep in mind that the necklace should be the centre of attention while you wear it. 

A Fling Between An LBD and A Jhumka 

Fine Quality Dual Tone Jhumka Earring


Always put on your tiny black dress when you’re in a dangerous situation. In the industry of clothing and accessories, this adage is commonly repeated. Your little black dress, on the other hand, does not need to look anything like anyone else’s. Putting on your favourite pair of jhumka jewellery is an easy way to extend the wearability of the classic piece of fabric. The revered little black dress was previously lacking the perfect amount of glamour, which can be added by the item. 

Swap Your Stacking Bracelets for Some Gold Bangles 

Rose Gold Fancy Bird Bracelet for Women

The majority of fashionistas name stacking bracelets as one of their most treasured accessories. These bands can save a seemingly endless number of dresses that are both ill-fitting and poorly managed. To put that another way, fashion is all about veering off the beaten path and violating the established norms. Therefore, if you want to take any appearance to the next level, try switching out your bracelets for some gold bangles. Wearing a clothing that is only one colour can let the gold bangles you are wearing stand out more.

Traditional jewellery that has been gathering dust in your jewellery box for years can be put to many different and entertaining uses. You simply need to muster up the intestinal fortitude to test out a variety of various concepts. As soon as you catch a whiff of this approach, I can promise you that you will never want to give it up again.