Jewellery Trends for the Upcoming Festive Vibes

festive jewels

These upcoming months have the potential to be the most exciting of the whole year. Everything fun in the winter, from New Year’s Eve parties to music festivals and all the weddings in between, seems to take place between December and February. It’s party time, and you’ve got the right outfit for the occasion. But have you given any consideration to your extras? When it comes to accessorising, we at FashionCrab are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to shake up the monotony. Here are some of our thoughts on the season’s trendiest and most original pieces of holiday jewellery.

Maangtika & Headgears

Golden Color Wedding Earring With Maangtika

Different from the hair ornaments worn by your mom and grandma, this fresh style is sure to turn heads. In order to bring the ancient decoration up to date with new patterns and designs, you should purchase a chain maang-tika or a sleek headgear. The key is to settle on a simple yet refined style, avoiding anything overly flamboyant or cumbersome. Your bases will be covered from summer concerts to New Year’s Eve revelry with the correct one.

Delicate Neckpieces

Black Colour Meenakari Choker Necklace Set for Lehenga

While bold jewellery was all the rage for a while, this season is all about delicate little darlings. In contrast to statement necklaces, minimalist necklaces don’t scream for attention, but an edgy pattern will always get people talking. When worn with a dress or saree, a layered style makes a bold statement.

Haathphool & Hand Harness

Blue Stone Multi Chain Finger Bracelet

While watches retain their timeless allure, this season’s hottest accessory is unquestionably hand adornment. These accessories, which strike a fine balance between rock and elegance, complement anything from lehengas to cocktail tuxedos. Hand harnesses are inherently eye-catching accessories, but a more understated design is a good place to begin.

Hoop earrings

Blue Stone CZ Hoop Earrings

A set of hoop earrings is a necessary component of any jewellery collection. They are the epitome of sophistication and vogue. Oversized hoops are the way to go if you want huge earrings, while stacked hoops are a modern alternative. Seashell-adorned hoops are ideal for a relaxing beach vacation, while pearl and gold hoops are more appropriate for a formal event.

Traditional Bangles

Indian Oxidised Silver Bangles with Ghungroo

Repurpose such family heirlooms for the upcoming holiday party by adding a kangan to your outfit. Bracelets with fringe or modern metals, or even pom poms in the bright colours, are a great way to add a touch of boho flair to your Western or fusion look.

Choker Neckpiece

Light Pink Choker Pearl Necklace

Chokers are the essential accessory for making a strong fashion statement. If you like understated elegance, go for a choker set with pearls or a valuable stone. If you’re looking to dress it up a bit, go with a silver or gold choker. Even when wearing a simple necklace, Kundan exudes style and sophistication. Wearing them with low-cut tops is recommended. Wearing a large choker requires a clean neckline.


Black Flower Pearl Stud Earring

The cheapest item on our list. Whether you go for a floral crown or a single bud in your braid, you’re sure to make a statement. While fresh flowers are the most convenient option for channelling flower power, they are also the most susceptible to wilting when exposed to strong lighting or remaining in one place for too long. In such cases, a floral hair item should be substituted for the flowers.

This concludes our annual look at the most noteworthy developments in the jewellery industry. You won’t have to worry about the elements again until spring. Keep an eye out, because there will soon be even more fashion developments to report on.