How to Style the Ethnic Jewelry with the Western Outfits?

From fashion bloggers to the actresses, many have worn this indo-western look flawlessly and are very certain about it being one of the most loved ones. Yes, the Indian jewellery paired up with the western outfits is all we need to wear when you are planning to make a mark with your outfits. If you are a boho lover or are bold enough to try different styles, then why not try pairing up ethnic jewellery with western dresses. You will surely ace the look and get loads of compliments from your dear ones.

It is so widely popular to wear traditional jewellery with ethnic outfits. But fashion has taken a jump these days with different innovations of jewellery and makes it look fusion. Choosing to wear jewellery, though, has moved from adding glamor to your outfit to making the statement about fashion. Girls these days love wearing ethnic jewellery and are completely in love with these outfit ideas. They are investing their money in high-quality necklaces, bangles, or earrings online so that they can make a point to look dazzled up.

Kundan Necklace with Gown

kundan necklace

We all are very well aware of Kundan necklaces and have been amazed by them for ages. They look fantastic and look very edgy when worn with a western dress like off-shoulder gowns, blazer, or evening dresses. For creating an ethnic-western, you can pair up a Kundan necklace with a long skirt and a collared white shirt. But before you pair this Kundan necklace, here is a tip for you. Always make sure that you drop the idea of wearing earrings along with heavy Kundan necklaces. Also, choose a flattering neckline that makes your necklace the showstopper and also adds you to the fashionista list.

Jhumka Earrings with White Shirt

jhumka earrings

There is a next-level love for the jhumka earrings amongst girls and we all know how important it is for all of us to know how to pair these earrings. Deciding to wear a pair of statement jhumkas is the best thing you can plan for a wedding or reception party. For much-hyped occasions, you can pair the jhumkas with an off-shoulder dress. On the other hand, if you need to look chic on a casual day outing, then jhumkis will look good with a white shirt and tight-fit jeans.

Statement Headgear with Tank Top

Statement Headgear with Tank Top

Why not look like a diva with just a statement headgear? Yes, headgear has been an obsession for the girls since the Bollywood actresses like Deepika, Sonam and Alia started donning the headgear look. You can now war the classy and delicate headgear along with your beautiful evening gown, blazer, or tank top. Your headgear is soon going to become a head-turner for you, I bet.

Meenakari Earrings with Jumpsuit


This jewellery has been one of the finest jewels of all time. They look very pretty and elegant when worn with a floral printed or solid colored jumpsuits and crop top-skirt. You can look sass with these earring and they are more than enough to make you look the diva in the house.

Hand Bracelet with Pantsuit

Hand Bracelet with Pantsuit

Hand bracelet has also become one of the most appreciated jewel pieces by the women around due to the glam it adds to your outfit. You can make sure to look the prettiest of all with a delicate golden hand bracelet along with your pantsuit.

These were some of the trendy ways in which you can pair up ethnic jewels with western wear and still look fab.