Get Fashionable With Polka Dots Dress

Polka dots are a timeless piece of fashion. It is so versatile and easily captures the attention of people around you. We have always loved polkas. However, with polkas being used in different clothing and patterns these days, its quite a challenge to decide where, when and how to wear polka dots. Here, we share a few good ways to carry polka dots.

Party Wear look

Go back to 60s and try vintage retro look for parties. Match it with pencil heels and go for a red sash to get a playful look. You can experiment with various accessories as you prefer. Highlight your eyes and put on bright colored lipsticks. A fancy clutch can complete the look.

Casual Look

Polka dots can be worn with style for outings or casual get-togethers. Choose the dots according to your body type and match with small bow clips. You can try accessories such as scarves, belts, headbands, hats, necklace etc. Any casual footwear will generally go well with polka dots.

Office Wear

If you wish to look professional yet fashionable at a workplace, a polka dot dress is just appropriate. Wear a jacket or cardigan and a slim belt over your dress. Go for Wedges or flat ballerina according to your taste. Remember to keep the accessories simple. Pearls would do great. Carry a large shoulder bag in the solid color. That must complete one of the best looking professional outfits for you.