Fashionable and Classic Men’s Jewellery That Is In Trend

men's jewellery

Men’s jewellery has come a long way since the days when it consisted mainly of a class ring, a wedding band, a necklace around the neck, a watch, and maybe a pair of cufflinks for special occasions. Men today are increasingly interested in accessorising with jewellery, and they are spoilt for choice when it comes to both design and substance. Find out what men’s fashion jewellery is trending this year and which pieces are perennial favourites by reading on.

Popular Types of Men’s Jewellery

Men’s jewellery consists primarily of bands and bracelets, and these are typically quite large and stacked.

Men’s Necklaces

Men's Locket

In today’s society, males frequently accessorise with necklaces and pendants. Necklaces featuring religious symbols, animals, or beads have recently become as fashionable for males as chain necklaces have been for women.

Men’s Bracelets

Silver Tone Brass Elephant Mens Kada Bracelet

Stacking bangles is a classic accessory for women, but guys can do it too! Artificial men’s bracelets have evolved from bulkier cuff styles to slimmer, more minimal designs that can be layered to create a more substantial appearance. Wrap bracelets are a popular accessory among men because they are straightforward to wear and complement a wide variety of looks.

Men’s Rings

mens ring

Men have been showing off their wealth, prestige, and power by wearing rings for centuries. Men’s rings often have special significance, such as representing the wearer’s marital or academic achievements or a particular group to which he belongs. Men can wear rings on any digit they like, but wedding bands are customarily displayed on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Top Men’s Jewellery Trends

Men’s jewellery styles this year range from subtle suede to dramatic metals. There is a wide variety of stylish jewellery for men to choose from, from more traditional pieces to those with more flash and contemporary designs.

Leather Jewellery

Silver Tone Om Damru Brass Ganesh Bracelet for Mens & Boys

Men can achieve a rugged, understated appearance with the help of leather jewellery. In particular, leather bands with braided designs have been popular this year (2023). Leather jewellery for men has classic, timeless style and looks fantastic on its own or paired with other materials.

Gold Jewellery

Golden Lion Bracelet for Mens & Boys

In 2023, men will want items with gold finishes, particularly weathered gold. You can soften the look of gold by wearing it with dark accessories, such as leather or black jewellery.

Chain Jewellery

mens necklace

Although men’s chain necklaces have been popular for quite some time, the trend has lately spread to other forms of men’s jewellery, such as bracelets. A simple chain necklace that falls at mid-chest is a great way to dress up a pair of denim and a t-shirt. Necklace chains should be slender and understated if you must wear one. Bracelets are best when made of thicker strands with unique accents.

Beaded Jewellery

mens bracelets

Beaded jewellery for men exudes a laid-back, modern style that is ideal for the urban nomad. Beaded necklaces and bangles for men are an easy way to dress up a casual outfit without sacrificing comfort.

Black Jewellery

Silver Tone Om Damru Brass Ganesh Bracelet for Mens & Boys

Black jewellery for guys is the epitome of sophistication and virility. Men’s black jewellery, such as a braided bracelet or ring made of onyx, exudes a cool, urban coolness that is bound to get noticed.