Every Woman Should Try These 7 Chandbali Earring Designs

Women have a penchant for jewellery, which is self-evident. Jewellery trends come and go, but the chandbali remains a basic piece of jewellery for ladies. Women first wore the chandbali during the Mughal Empire. Chand is a Hindi word that means “moon” and bali is a Hindi word that means “earring When you combine these two terms, you get chandbali, which translates to “moon earring.”

The best thing about the chandbali is that it can be worn with any clothing, including sarees, lehengas, suits, and even jeans and a shirt. This jewellery piece fell out of favour for a brief period of time, but Leela from the Bollywood blockbuster Ram Leela went to great lengths to ensure that the chandbali was reintroduced. Gold, silver, and oxidised metal chandbalis are available. The chandbali earrings design is ideal for special occasions, parties, and everyday wear. This article will show you several chandbali patterns that every woman should try.

Crystal Alloy Chandbali

White Pearl Designer Earrings Kundan Chandbali for Shaadi

These chandbali has a princely aura. The piece features a blue crystal in the centre surrounded by gold alloy that is exquisitely created. This chandbali earrings pattern complements any saree. This piece’s border is embellished with pearls. Overall, this is a must-try piece.

Gold Plated Kundan Chandbali

Sea Green Meena Kundan Chandbali Earring for Festival

This chandbali has a nice mix of bright and vibrant hues. A blue Kundan is surrounded by small pearls on the section that adheres to the ear. There are two white crystals beneath it. Pearls and Kundan’s are hung in a semi-circular frame atop white crystals. This chandbali is a must-try for all of these reasons.

Blue Enamel Chandbali

Blue Green Stone Oxidised Chandbali Earrings

No other chandbali earrings design accomplishes it better when it comes to displaying monarchy than the blue enamel chandbali. Blue enamel is used to fill the purposefully produced voids, as the name suggests. The chandbali is also richly embellished with motifs, kundan’s, and diamonds. In the centre is a pearl that acts as the main point for all of the patterns and decorations on the earring.

Cubic Zirconia Chandbali

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This crescent moon earring is made of sterling silver. The earrings’ inside and outside borders are also encrusted with small diamonds. The earring’s surface contains intentionally placed voids filled with green enamel. This type of chandbali will instantly improve your appearance.

Stone-Studded Chandbalis

Pink Enamel Kundan Studded Pearl Embellished Chandbali

This chandbali appears to be a sky shot right away. It is made up of red, blue, and white stones that are arranged in a floral structure within a crescent moon-like frame. A red diamond is set in the centre of the earring, with another hanging from the bottom. The stone studded chandbali earrings are surely eye-catching and go well with Patiala suits.

Alloy Chandbali Earrings Design

Oxidised Silver Pink Stone Peacock Chandbali Earring

These chandbalis have a circular shape to them. A peacock is created on the interior using an alloy, which is then filled with white enamel and a white crystal is glued on top to mimic the peacock’s feathers. Enamel, gems, and pearls fill strategically crafted metal gaps. Pair these chandbali earrings with a cream coloured saree for a stunning effect.

Pearl And Kundan Chandbali

chandbali earringsThese pearl chandbali’s construction is straightforward. The part of the stock that goes up to the ear features a floral design. A circular frame is connected to it, displaying amazing craftsmanship around the circle of the earring. Pink, red, and blue coloured Kundan’s are utilised.

These were several chandbali designs for women to try. We hope you find this list to be useful.