Design Your Own Unique Bridal Look with Kundan Jewellery

bridal kundan jewellery

Kundan jewellery is the perfect finishing touch for any bride looking to exude elegance and refinement on her wedding day. This traditional Kundan jewellery, which has its roots in India, is widely worn today, particularly by brides. For hundreds of years, a Kundan set has been worn by Indian brides. The Kundan set is perfect for weddings because it can be personalised to fit the bride’s style. There is a beautiful Kundan long necklace design out there for every taste, whether you lean more towards the classic or modern aesthetic.

To further personalise your jewellery, you have the option of selecting the stones that will be set into them. All brides who want to feel a little bit more like a princess on their wedding day should consider purchasing a bridal Kundan necklace. Wearing nothing more elaborate than a Kundan necklace, you can still captivate onlookers with your stunning appearance. These six bridal Kundan necklace designs are sure to please any royal bride with their timeless elegance, eye-catching sparkle, and dash of drama. Come on, let’s take a peek!

Kundan Necklaces with Stunning Emerald Styles

Green Pearl Kundan Set for Saree

The addition of a Kundan necklace, a stunning piece of jewellery, to your bridal ensemble is a surefire way to up the ante in terms of style. Emeralds add a touch of royalty to the multistrand gold Kundan necklace. Layered Kundan necklaces are especially beautiful and versatile because they can be worn on many different occasions in addition to the wedding. Emeralds are frequently used in Kundan necklaces because of the air of sophistication and elegance they impart.

Emeralds are a type of beryl that comes in a green colour and are considered a precious stone along with diamonds, gemstone, and rubies. These have been a part of jewellery for ancient times, and their trend has only grown in the modern era. Layered necklaces are a great way to add glimmer and appeal to any ensemble. Whether you’re planning on wearing an authentic Indian ensemble or something more contemporary, this necklace will certainly steal the show.

Incredibly Alluring Kundan Pearl Choker Necklace

Lavender Pearl Kundan Set for Saree

Heavy and ornate, Kundan necklaces are often worn by brides in addition to other jewellery. This choker is a classic and timeless necklace style. Pearl strands are interspersed with Kundan-set pendants in this design. Necklaces strung with Kundan pearls are typically quite hefty, but they are also exquisite and sophisticated. The heavy Kundan pearl choker is a one-of-a-kind statement piece. It’s such a stunning piece of jewellery because it’s so different from everything else! This is a stunning option you can feel good about wearing on your wedding day thanks to the careful attention to detail and high quality of the craftsmanship. Any contemporary bride would benefit from the classic yet breathtakingly captivating design.

Necklace With Beautiful Kundan Art Work

Hand Painted White Kundan Necklace Set

The ideal piece of jewellery for an Indian bride is a stunning Kundan long necklace. The necklace’s stunning and glistening effect is the result of the constant Kundan work. It’s a show-stopping piece that will have you feeling like a true princess on your special day. The materials used in a Kundan long necklace are of the highest quality, and the necklace itself is meticulously hand-made. Gorgeous Kundan stones and incredible, uninterrupted Kundan work adorn these ornaments. You don’t have to wait for your wedding day to break out this statement necklace; you can wear it whenever you want to draw attention to yourself. This long necklace is also a wonderful choice for the bridesmaids or mother-in-law, as they can continue to wear it long after the wedding is over.

An Ultimate Bridal Accessory: A Kundan Necklace

Pearl kundan Necklace Set

Many brides prefer a more low-key and unfussy style for their big day. A simple Kundan necklace, along with matching ethnic jhumka earrings and bracelets, is the ideal jewellery for these brides. This necklace is crafted from gold and silver and set with a kaleidoscope of gemstones in varying sizes. If you want a timeless and elegant look that will never go out of style. This necklace with very little details is the best option. Necklaces with only a few stones, like Kundan or studded pearls, along with classic chains are a great way to maintain a simple and classic look.

Cultural Kundan Choker Necklace Adorned with Pink Gemstones

Light Pink Pearl Kundan Set for Saree

Every bride deserves to have at least one invitation graced with a traditional Kundan choker necklace. The choker is made more feminine and refined by the central pink gemstone. A traditional choker necklace is stunning because of its intricate design, which features circular motifs and gold settings. Complete your bride look by accessorising with the choker’s matching earring set or some sparkling stones.

Kundan or Royal Rani Haar Beads Necklace

Pink Color Pearl Rani Haar for Bride

There are few more iconic and classic pieces of Kundan jewellery than a Rani haar. The necklace is made up of a string of pearls or beads of varying sizes strung together, and it typically has a pendant at its centre. This necklace of Kundan beads is frequently adorned with either gold or silver plating or diamonds. This rani haar is just one piece of a bride’s ensemble. This set features a tikka headpiece, earrings, a tikka necklace, and a long-strung necklace. This necklace of Kundan beads can be made even more dazzling by adding semiprecious stones or pearls as accents. The finished product is a magnificent piece of jewellery fit for a queen, sure to make the bride feel like a princess on her wedding day.

No matter if you go with a classic look or a more up-to-date style, Kundan jewellery will always make a statement. You’ll be able to find the perfect bridal necklace to complement your ideal look among these 6 jewellery options. Whether is your wedding day style modern, classic, or retro, you can find the perfect Kundan set to complement your look.