Confused About Which Earrings to Wear? Here is the trick!!!

Match the Earrings to the Shape of your Face

Are you perplexed about which earring to wear? There are times when you do not feel confident in a particular type of earrings. We all know that earrings are a good way to make your face look stylish and fantastic. But be mindful that you just don’t make the error of wearing any trending earrings which do not suit you. When choosing the right pair there are a lot of things to consider. Here are some very useful tips for you to get it perfect.

Match the Earrings to the Shape of your Face

Earrings can make your face look large, slim, lengthy, or fat determined by the shape of your face. Below we have discussed the different types of face shapes and which type of earrings will suit which shape.

Oval face

triangular earrings

If you are a lady with an oval face, then make sure that you can wear any type of earrings. I would suggest that you more often prefer wearing simple studs or triangular earrings as they would uplift your cheekbones.

Inverted triangle face

chandelier earrings online

If your forehead is the largest part of your face and it tapers down to a smaller, pointed nose, then you have the appearance of an inverted triangle. This shape is very much similar to that of a heart-shaped face, but the thing that is different is that the heart shape is shorter, and a widow’s peak is usually present. Ensure that you wear earrings that de-emphasize the broad front and create an illusion of enhanced width at the jawline to offset the inverted triangle shaped face shape. The teardrop-shaped or chandelier earrings will work the best with this face.

Narrow and Long face

large hoops

If you have a thin, lengthy, and narrow face, then make sure to select earrings that highlight the width of your face. The studs, short dangles, cluster earrings, or medium to large hoops are the best ones for you.  Your profile will widen with circular earrings and make it look fuller.

Round face

jhumka earrings shopping

In a round face, the width is more at the cheekbones and there is no taper at all till the chin. It is the widest with no taper to the chin at the cheekbones, then you have a round face. You can wear drop earrings such as danglers, or jhumka earrings since this will lengthen the face and make it look slimmer. You need to deter wearing circular earrings or the round studs as they will highlight roundness. Keep away from drop earrings with a baffling round disc as well. The roundness just makes your face appear rounder.

Square face

circular studs

There are many females with square faces, in which the width of the forehead and jawline is similar. For these women, it is suggested that they wear earring which is long with rounded edges in them. They can also wear hoops or circular studs as it will soften up the square points of the face. Make sure that these ladies stay away from the square studs as they will add more squareness to an individual.

Now next time when you buy earrings online, you will not be skeptical about which one to but. This small guide will surely help you a lot in deciding which earrings to wear for which face shape.