Choose Imitation Jewellery That Passes for the Real Thing

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The scope of imitation jewellery has expanded beyond cheap plastic knockoffs of high-end designs. It’s like something from another world, full of intricate details and carefully crafted pieces. The woman at an Indian wedding is expected to wear expensive, eye-catching bridal jewellery. It’s a wasted expenditure because these parts aren’t very reusable. Why spend money on elaborate haath phools and gem sets if you’ll never use them again? Additionally, as destination weddings have become increasingly popular, it is not always advised to bring expensive jewellery. And why take the chance when these equally beautiful and durable fakes can stand in for the genuine thing?

How, though, can one tell the difference between high-quality artificial jewellery and cheap junk? Jewellery for a wedding should make the bride feel and appear luxurious without breaking the bank. We polled industry insiders to find out their top tips for selecting the perfect wedding costume jewellery.

There are, therefore, two distinct categories to keep in mind while shopping for fashion jewellery. One variety is made of metal alloy, while the other is silver with a 2-micron layer of gold coating. The metal version appears low-quality, while the silver version appears nearly genuine. These are made with genuine kundan, while glass kundan is used for the metal amalgam. The silver jewellery is guaranteed not to tarnish and will last the newlywed for years, while the metal alloy piece will turn black after only a few months. Silver jewellery with a 2-micron gold plating is a smart purchase for brides and visitors who don’t want to lug around heavy precious metals.

Green Stone Silver Look Alike Jhumka

You still don’t want your semi-precious, destination jewellery to appear cheap on your wedding day, so don’t skimp on the details when you’re shopping for it. The industry is flooded with countless high-quality options. Chandbalis of the same design cost may vary based on the quality of the material and the craftsmanship.

Always inquire as to the purity of the gold plating, as well as the jewellery’s makeup and manufacturing process. Avoid purchasing jewellery that was made by a machine, as the quality of jewellery created by hand is superior in every way. When considering a setting, you can pick from pachi kundan, genuine jadau method kundan, or silver foil. You won’t achieve a royal appearance with diamonds, plastic stones, etc. Last but not least, you should always read evaluations from previous customers to get a sense of the quality of the finish and compositions. That way, you’ll know if the jewellery company you’re considering actually produces high-quality pieces that will last a long time.

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to use only high-quality items for your special day. It’s safe to say that it’s a crucial factor. Before making a purchase, find out what kind of gilding is used. How many millimetres does it have? What is the gold plating’s karat count? Inquire about the basic metal itself, as it can have a significant impact on the reaction. Every future Mrs. should make this a top concern, especially if she is planning a wedding at a remote location. Learn what temps your metals can withstand before you leave. Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind when shopping for wedding jewellery.

Glass Stones Vs Uncut Stones

Traditional Pink Colour Stone Necklace

Clear glass is commonly used in the production of false jewellery. Topaz and other unpolished stones are used by reputable fashion jewellery manufacturers to replicate the polki’s distinctive appearance. The one with the facets looks almost identical to actual polka, while the sheesha/glass doesn’t even come close.

Silver > Metal Alloys

Pink Color Carving Stone Oxidised Jhumka

Our experts have stressed the importance of silver with gold plating and the oxidised silver jewellery as one of the finest options available. Our aim is to create something that is more expensive than mass-produced alternatives but feels and appears more authentic.

How To Pick Real – Looking Diamond Jewellery

American Diamond Necklace Set for Wedding

If you’re going to buy diamond jewellery, you should stick to pieces that feature only high-quality zircons. It’s not easy to artificial gemstones, and if yours isn’t perfect, people will know right away. When it comes to imitation jewellery, polki is more convincing than diamonds because it is simpler to replicate.

Pay Attention to Details

Pink Color Pearl Rani Haar for Bride

Paying close attention to detail is the single most essential step in selecting traditional ethnic jewellery for the bride. Check the product’s completion at every stage. You can learn more about the piece’s location by flipping it over. High-quality replicas of jewellery will replicate the authentic clasps. The hook or locking device will be of much higher quality than the thin chains typically found on inexpensive fashion jewellery. Look closely at the clasp’s borders to see if the polish is chipping.

Verify the actual weight of the jewellery you intend to purchase. The chandbalis you choose for your sangeet shouldn’t be too heavy. Do you intend to choose a diamond set? Examine the results of a flash picture. Some items that appear great in person may end up looking cheap in photographs. Make sure the enamel is of high quality before purchasing any enamel jewellery. Neither flaking nor coming undone is desirable.

Always Pick Reliable Brands

Grey Pearl Necklace Set for Indian Brides

As we discussed, there is a vast selection of bridal costume jewellery available from various labels and companies. Pick brands like FashionCrab that you know will live up to their promises. When you buy from a well-known brand, you know you’ll get a certain quality of finish, craftsmanship, and even support.

Pick Quality Over Mass Manufactured

Lavender Color Meenakari Jhumka Earrings for Women

These imitation jewels may be less expensive than the genuine thing, but they still aren’t cheap. Choose original work whenever possible rather than mass-produced copies. They are slightly more costly than mass-produced alternatives, but well worth it. Use care when selecting stones and metals; those with sharp ends can snag your clothes. The last thing you need on your wedding day is an allergic response, so be sure to choose hypo-allergenic metals.