The Choker Necklaces in Trend Now

The Choker Necklaces in Trend Now

Neck, an essential extension of our face, is one of the most important fashion real estate too. To accessorize this essential part of ours, we keep pace with the latest fashion trends in jewellery. To keep pace with the latest trends in fashion, we take help from social media portals where scrolling through pages, we find the latest fashion trends for buying chains online in India. And there, right there on our Instagram and Facebook page, we see the 90s trends of choker necklaces over and over again, stating that it is coming back in the mainstream. Earlier, this accessory was paired only with an off-shoulder upper, but now, it is paired with all attires, from formals to regular informal attire.

Different styles of fashion necklaces for women have come in trend and become outdated too. From big chunky necklaces to layers of delicate chains, all these styles have had their day with the least hope of coming back in trend. Where all other trends in jewellery became outdated pretty soon, chokers continued to add grace to the female neck till 1990s and are continuing to do so at present. For over a decade, chokers had somewhat disappeared but something about this little piece of jewellery that it just doesn’t get any less trendy!

After over a decade, it was spotted yet again on many popular names this year! Chokers, of velvet, rhinestone, metal or leather, have been spotted not only on models but also on school-going teens.

After the choker crawled its way back as the latest jewellery trend, it has come in the coolest shapes of all times and can also be recreated in a number of ways. It has also been termed as the “central, key item” by Tse. Also, a delicate ribbon choker gives the look of the Victorian-era fashion.

If you wish to buy fashion necklaces for women, choker necklaces are the new cool. Moreover, chokers are also a DIY item. All you need is a ribbon or leather of any length and there you go. Something that would add grace to your neck and also go with your outfit, chokers come in neutral monochromes that go with any and every outfit.

Additionally, chokers give you a delicate and offbeat look which makes you stand out and look exquisite even with the simplest of outfits. At present, it has become one of the must-have accessories. Back in the 1800s, this piece of jewellery can really be an eye-catcher only and only if it is paired with the right clothes and also, at the right time. If your next major concern is price or availability, don’t worry about it! Chokers are available online in a wide variety of sizes and designs and are also very affordable.

Style coupled with affordability, certainly what this necklace is all about!

Adroit and fun to wear, this little accessory can turn out to be a highly attractive piece for the hours of the sun and the moon. If you wish to put on a look which is modest and doesn’t scream outright, it is suggestive to match the colour of your choker with the hues of your outfit. Try making it “monochromatic”, which means that a choker which goes with every outfit just right. If you wish to make it office-ready, try going for a version accentuated with lace or tiny beads of dark shades, preferably black.

“Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal!”

True it is with Choker necklaces! From the early 18th century till date, this is one piece of jewellery which never faded out.

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    Yes, I totally agree with you! It’s always refreshing to see this gorgeous piece of jewelry on the streets.

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