Bridal Outfit Ideas: Engagement

As we usher in October, we also ring in the “Wedding Season” in many parts of India. Indian Weddings are all about grandeur, magnificence, and adherence to customs and traditions. In a series of posts, we will explore the customs of different parts of India and how a bride can rock the D-Day(s). In this post, we concentrate on a traditional north Indian wedding.

Almost a week-long affair, there are multiple pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. The most important of the former is the Mangini or Sagai or engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony is basically a short and sweet ritual wherein the couple exchanges their wedding ring. This is the first of the multiple ceremonies that take place between the two families. The exchange of rings is followed by an exchange of gifts, sweets, dry fruits etc. which in turn is followed by a sumptuous meal. For this important day, there are multiple outfits that one could choose from.

Choosing a lehenga in subtle colors such as pink, pink hues, oranges etc looks great for both day and night functions. Complimentary jewelry in colors such as gold and copper gives a royal touch.

Colors such as greens and blues are somber yet chic. If you are someone who is looking for distinct colors and intricate details on your bridal trousseau, you could choose from our website. Although not the traditional reds, you can draw inspiration from the colors, the silhouettes, and the light texture.

Floor Length Anarkali
Go a bit modern by donning a Floor length Anarkali’s in deep colors such as reds and pinks. This one piece dress will let you move comfortably. Remember to go easy on the makeup and jewelry if you have heavy work on your dress. Bring it down to just a pair of earrings or a set of bangles.

If you are a fan of lighter colors, then salmon pink, beige look just as bridal as any other color. The only thing you need to take care of is that the color should not make you look washed out. Dusky tones go well with pastels and fair skin tones can choose from lighter hues of greens, golds, and pinks. When wearing lighter colors, it is important that you wear appropriate makeup. Pay special attention to your eye makeup. Go for bronzed eyes or a color darker than the outfit that you are wearing. Choose jewelry that compliments the look and ensures it’s not too jazzy.

You could also go with a mix of dark and light colors with an ombre color gradient. Such as a mix of beige and purple in this case.

Urban women who like to keep it crisp can choose from shaded chiffon sarees or defined embroideries. You could even go for a simple saree with a heavy work blouse. This kind of sarees can be worn when you have a small gathering. Hence you don’t need to wear something that is too extravagant. Colors such as dull orange, magenta, royal blue can just be enough.

Saree Gowns
Saree gowns are the new trend that ladies are opting into their bridal trousseau. So you like to keep it effortless and minimalistic can choose from colors such as reds and pinks. Modern designs and details such as crochet panels, sequins, and little embroidery look best in these silhouettes.

Things To Remember:
• Gold and silver shoes look great with almost every type of bridal or festive wear. So invest in shoes that can serve you well for other events and occasions.
• The same goes for jewelry. It is good to layer necklaces but makes sure that you don’t overdo it. Spurlging or saving on jewels is up to you.
• Hire a trustworthy Makeup and hair artist. Always go for trials ( even if it costs you ) and be articulate about the look that you want to achieve.

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