Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Mom This 2022

anniversary gifts for mom

Parents’ wedding anniversary is one such occasion that is celebrated equally by the entire family, including the children and grandchildren. There is a distinct form of celebration that is intended to reflect on the time spent together as a couple and then as parents after the birth of their child. In our childhood, the marriage anniversary of our parents served as one of the annual excuses (or rather, annual rituals) to do something enjoyable and out of the ordinary because we were commemorating the union of two individuals who were responsible for bringing us into this world. After reaching adulthood, it is unlikely that much has changed; the only thing that most people become conscious of is the desire to express gratitude to their parents for everything they have done for us. An individual can choose from a variety of jewellery pieces in an effort to demonstrate their love and loyalty to their mother. We’ve compiled a useful list of products that you might give to your mother on the occasion of her wedding anniversary.


Meenakari Jaipur Jhumki Earrings-Black

Traditionally, Jhumkis go from left to right and then back again, symbolising the ups and downs of a relationship and the manner you have dealt with them during that period. Gifting a jhumki to commemorate these special occasions is an exquisite touch that demonstrates the consideration that has gone into it. Unbelievably well-crafted Jhumki looks wonderful with all Indian attires, whether they are sarees or suits or lehangas or Indo-western outfits, allowing a woman to exude amazing confidence and grace.

Pearl Earrings

Dark Green Pearl Punjabi Necklace Set for Bride

Although pearl earrings are traditionally linked with monarchy and nobility, they are now being worn for a variety of occasions, including everyday wear and formal occasions. Because pearl earrings have a naturally unique charm that complements both Indian and western clothes, they will be an excellent addition to your mother’s jewellery collection. Giving your mother pearl earrings on her anniversary will ensure that they have a special place in her heart for the rest of her life. Pearl earrings are the perfect combination of simplicity and adaptability, and they will never fail to wow a woman when it comes to enhancing the style score of an ensemble.

Meenakari Luxury Necklace Set

Grey Colour Meenakari Choker Necklace Set for Lehenga

Because festivals and festivities necessitate the wearing of something extraordinary and unique, Meenakari luxury necklace sets are all about grace and elegance. By giving your mother’s inner beauty a classic Meenakari luxury necklace set, you may express your sense of resonance with her inner beauty. Any complex costume necessitates the addition of the ideal necklace to complete the look, and Meenakari necklaces will not disappoint, both literally and figuratively. They look stunning when worn with a silk Anarkali or a fashionable organza saree, and they live up to the standards of a true queen mother.

Floral Enamel Studs

Traditional Floral Oxidised Studs

Nowadays, every special occasion calls for the wearing of the most exclusive, modern, and fashionable jewellery, which is also picture perfect while remaining simple to put on and take off. The floral enamel studs are an example of such a piece of jewellery. The sheer brilliance and elegance of enamel jewellery has brought them to the forefront of the fashion world. In every situation, floral enamel studs can be worn with any dress, whether casual or formal; both, however, are fashion statements in their own right.

Crystal Bracelet

White Pearl Charm Bracelet for Girls

Crystal Bracelets are one of those jewellery items that come in handy when a woman is in a rush and can’t pick which diamonds to wear with her dress. A crystal bracelet’s grace and visually pleasing characteristics allow it to perfectly complement any clothing, so that a woman wouldn’t have to second guess whether or not to wear it. Crystal bracelets are certain to be one of your mother’s favourite and most flexible pieces of jewellery, as they make the most noise in terms of simplicity and sophistication while remaining the most affordable option.


Peach Color Indian Meenakari Dangle Earring

Wear danglers on those days when your earrings simply don’t seem to go with your entire ensemble; trust us, they will never go out of style. Danglers are a versatile item of jewellery that may be worn to add a dash of spice to a simple, everyday ensemble. Danglers can also be worn for more casual gatherings, such as tea parties, and are frequently the preferred choice of many school principals, teachers, and doctors, amongst other professionals and professionals.

Although the excitement of getting your hands on these iconic and unique pieces of jewellery may seem overwhelming, it is truly nothing to be concerned about in the long run. The straightforward duty entails looking at the best selection of pearl earrings, meenakari necklaces, crystal bracelets, jhumki, danglers, floral enamel studs, and other similar jewel things available on the internet. FashionCrab is the appropriate shop for your buying needs because it has through multiple quality inspections and offers a one-year warranty on all of its products, which begins on the date of purchase.