7 Must Have Traditional Indian Jewellery To Be A True Desi Girl

Every now and then, Indian women like flaunting their Indian beauty. Western clothing has again taken a backseat within the Indian fashion industry as the celebrities and the common people too are enjoying the simple pleasure and comfort of the Indian look. When we speak about Indian looks, the first thing that comes to mind is sarees. With so much popularity of the saree and lehenga clothing styles, one must be extremely considerate about how to carry the saree and what to wear it with. Therefore, here is a list of some traditional jewellery pieces that could make your traditional look just perfect:

The Choker That Does It All

Grey Colour Meenakari Choker Necklace Set for Lehenga

There are very few necklace types that go will all kinds of necklines. Choker set is definitely one of them. Whether you have a front open blouse, high neck, boat neck, round neck or v neck blouse, a choker could go with most of the necklines. Apart from a choker, there are various other necklaces that always make your saree or lehenga look complete. Therefore, a necklace is a traditional piece of traditional jewellery that could be a great option for your simple saree.

Dangle It With A Bangle

Indian Oxidised Silver Bangles with Ghungroo

If you want a traditional look then a bangle is essential traditional jewellery. The thing about bangles is that the style can be extremely flexible which would make for a flexible look. It could add a mix of modern and traditional to your look. The breadth could be any, however, a broad one in one hand could give you a royal look.

Keep An Eye Out For The Watch

Luxury Watches

A watch is an essential and smart traditional jewellery that you must wear in one hand, this way you won’t need to wear bangles in both hands. In case you don’t have a matching or a suitable watch for the outfit, you could go for a sleek bracelet, however in that case you would have to give up on bangles.

The Pair of Earrings

Lightweight Enamel Jhumka Earrings-Mint Green

One cannot wear a saree or any Indian wear without earrings. Earrings are a must, and if you play it right, you might not even need traditional jewellery. The huge jhumka or chandbali earrings are in trend and the larger the size, the lesser the need to wear the necklace. Your saree or lehenga could be heavy or light, but a bold pair of earrings could suit you best for any kind of sarees and looks.

The Trendy Nose Pin

Oxidized Nose Pin

The authentic Marathi style, which is now famous all over. Whatever the occasion may be, however grand or small the event may be, a nose pin would have the capability to ameliorate your complete look. The size of the nose pin depends upon the shape of your face. The best part of this traditional jewellery piece is that you don’t have to worry about the price range, as a classy nose pin can be available in all price ranges, different in quality.

Maang Tikka To Take It A Notch Up

Punjabi Big Maang Tikka - Yellow

If you want to experiment with your look without overdoing it, then a decent maang tikka could make that happen. Covering a part of your forehead will actually make your look complete from top to bottom. Maang tikkas are traditional jewellery pieces available in many styles to match your saree and even lehenga style.

Bring It On With The Bold Ring

Polki Finger Ring for Bride

Hands never go unnoticed and especially when they are belonging to a big ring. This jewellery piece could be the one thing that would influence your look even when your necklace or earrings fail to. If you wear a good enough ring, you can also cut out on the breadth of the bangles and the watch. There is also a ring attached with a bracelet, in which case you might not need any other hand traditional jewellery.