5 Pieces Of Jewellery That Every Woman Should Own

must have jewellery

Diamonds may still be a girl’s best friend, but they’ll never be able to replace the heirloom ornaments passed down from our grandmothers, the junk jewellery we’ve collected from India, and the semi-precious jewellery pieces we occasionally purchase. While we are certain that our jewellery boxes are so full that they would make anyone green with envy, we are still unsure whether what we have inside the curios is anything we wear on a regular basis. And, to help you make better jewellery selections, we spoke with four of India’s top bijouterie experts to learn about the latest must-haves for your trinket box.

FashionCrab, an online jewellery company, believes that accessories bring more elegance and charm to one’s appearance, and that while beautiful clothes are essential, no modern lady can complete her desired look without selecting appropriate jewellery for the occasion. We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for assembling the ideal jewellery collection:

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Rings

You don’t have to be married or engaged to own that huge rock, and if diamonds aren’t your thing, a trendy semi-precious cocktail ring can serve as your go-to everyday item. You may get a classy to a vintage ring, a big over-the-top one to a thin one, geometric to bold, but if you don’t own a cocktail ring, you’re probably unaware of its allure.

Chandelier Earrings

Rose Gold Toned Chandelier Earrings for Saree

Wearing a set of little but exquisite studs can create the most subtle style statement imaginable. Diamond studs are elegant and timeless, and you can never go wrong with them. They are the finest option for women who prefer to keep things simple. If you’re not a fan of diamonds, try different coloured studs carved in silver; they’re a timeless classic. Do you like jewellery that is flirtatious and fun? Then hoop earrings are the way to go. You can choose between gold and silver and be ready to go on any given day. If minimalism isn’t your thing, a pair of chandelier earrings might be your best friend on a night out or at a daytime affair. These dazzling, bold, and large earrings will be in style for the rest of time.

Long Necklace

Grey Colour Meenakari Choker Necklace Set for Lehenga

The necklace is another must-have piece of jewellery for every woman. A beautifully designed traditional necklace can transform your appearance. A necklace not only adorns your neck, but it also enhances your whole appearance. Depending on your taste in jewellery and the general concept of your outfit, there are many different styles of necklaces to pick from. Its various varieties provide a touch of ethereality to your entire aura, so don’t forget to include them in your jewellery collection.


diamond bracelets

If you’re not a watch wearer, you should be a bracelet wearer who enjoys wearing a delicate piece around their wrist. Choose from a variety of fine gold bangles in various shapes and sizes, or a hefty fashion bracelet set with semi-precious stones. Invest in a classic diamond tennis bracelet for a more refined aesthetic that will never go out of style.


Cream Colour Pearl Jadau Necklace Set for Punjabi Bride

Pearl ornaments, whether in the shape of stacked necklaces, delicate bracelets, or flowing earrings, have a reputation for complementing the Indian skin tone to perfection. Those of you who don’t own a single piece of this oceanic pearl are undoubtedly missing out on the pleasure of exuding class in minimalism.

Anklet and Toe Rings

6 Pcs Set Hand Charm Bracelet-Anklet

Anklets are popular in India for a variety of reasons. They’re attractive, but they’re also ethnic and otherworldly. Anklets and toe rings would work wonders for your delicate feet. Anklets are a must-have for any woman, as they elevate your feet from ordinary to divine when worn with mehendi and toe rings. In many cultures, toe rings denote a woman’s marital status. Do we have to wait for a special occasion to have these damsels in distress? We don’t believe so! So go ahead and stock up on your favourites right now.