5 Fashion Accessories to Pick For the Next Wedding You Attend!

Jewellery in India has always been an essential, not just ornamentation. As the wedding season approaches, fresh and timeless jewellery trends are emerging in the market to help fashion conscious party-goers to update their wardrobe and adopt the key look of the season. Jewellery not just enhances the look of any outfit, it also makes a statement about the person wearing it. Indian jewellery pieces grab everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs. Designer necklaces and earrings accentuate any dress and increase its appeal. Weddings are the best place to spot trends in jewellery. For this year, we have curated a list of jewellery items that are in fashion. Check this list before making your pick for this years’ wedding season.

1. Kundan with Color Beads Necklace Set for Women

Kundan is a unique style in which glass pieces are embedded in gold to create absolute masterpieces. Kundan jewelry is magnificent and gives the wearer a regal air, which is not surprising since royal courts are where this style first emerged. It is one of the most loved forms of jewellery and is preferred by brides and friends of bride alike.

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2. Golden Drop Polki Earring for Women

Polki is very similar to Kundan in terms of the technique employed to create them. However, the real difference here is that instead of glass, uncut diamonds are used to create the jewelry. This makes Polki sets much more expensive but also that much more lustrous. This gorgeous polka design is perfect for a simple yet elegant look. Team it up with affordable hair accessories and you are set to step out to an ethnic function.

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3. Blue Party-wear American Diamond Earring

Evening wear can be complimented with gorgeous and petite American diamond jewellery. You can buy American diamond jewellery online and find a huge array of options to select from. They look delicate and beautiful.

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4. Golden Color Leaf Hair Pin for Women

Affordable hair accessories can be paired with an ethnic dress to create a perfect look. They are really in trend these days and are available in many designs.

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5. Golden Color Polki Earring

Polki earrings are available in many designs and styles and look extremely graceful. Designer necklaces and earrings in polki can be worn with a large selection of outfits with ease. These pieces can help complete your look and make you look gorgeous at any function.

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