4 Types of Wedding Shoes

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Picking out the perfect pair of wedding shoes is by no means an easy task. The shoes for the big day have to match the outfit and for those that wish to avoid waste, it also benefits to look at the re-wearable items that still have a practical purpose after the celebrations have finished. With such a variety, you will find the process of selecting the wedding shoes much easier when you know the different choices the bride has.

Here are four of the popular types of wedding shoes worth considering:


The flats are a type of shoe that does not have much in relation to heel height. One of the most popular styles is the ballet flats which are a type of closed-toe shoe and styled in a similar way to the footwear worn by the ballet dancer. The flats are a practical choice and perfect for the bride in search of the chic and feminine look, but this shoe is not able to offer any extra height.

Open toe shoes

The open toe shoes are a style of shoe that is essentially covered with the exception of the toe area. A favored styled is the peep toe shoes that have the open toe area, but is generally narrower than usual. This style of shoe is very versatile and comes in plenty of different styles, heel widths and heights. Plus, there is the choice of open or closed back to match the personal preference.

The peep toe flats wedding shoes are starting to gain a lot of popularity with brides which mostly relates to the ease in providing a fashionable and elegant look to the all-round outfit. Additionally, this style of shoe like most other wedding shoes comes in plenty of colors to create the contrasting or subtle look.

High sandals

The high sandals are a type of footwear the leaves the foot exposed and will show most of the feet, especially on the sides. The sandals can vary in design with both open and closed backs, while it is also possible to find the closed toe area.

Sling back shoes

The sling back shoes are designed with an open back and use a strap to hold the footwear in place. This strap is buckled or elastic to give complete ease in making adjustments. Also, the actual strap can be positioned behind the ankle or heel.

Whether you are in search of the bridal peep toe flats, high sandals, closed toe shoes or boots, there are plenty of choices when it relates to wedding shoes.