10 Must Have Jewellery Trends for this Summer Season

10 Must Have Jewellery Trends for this Summer Season

Since summer is in full swing, you would want to warm up your wardrobe for the summer. Along with the closet, you will surely like to add some pieces in your jewelry collection. Switch to some summery collections which are hitting this season. We have picked out six latest jewellery trends for summers that will put a spark in your summer attires and will take your style to a whole new level.

1. Statement Pearls: These are unlike your grandma’s pearls. In this summer season, wear statement pearls and make heads turn with its unique designs and startling earring shapes. Long ago, Pearl was a fashion mainstay, and now it is again uniquely making a comeback. We all have surely seen fabulous pearl jewelry of our grandmothers or mothers, whom we could not help to stop praising. Pearl ornaments were back in trend in the year 2016, and since then it has never slowed down, and this summer’s they are expected to make a big jewelry statement.

2. Pearl Earrings: since pearls are already in trendy this season. Pearl earrings are a must-have jewellery piece for you this season. You can create a unique, elegant, and stylish look wearing pearl earrings.

Pink Pearl Flower Earring for College

3. Charm Bracelets: Do you remember charm bracelets? Are they becoming a phenomenon again? The answer is yes. It carries personalized jeweled ornament like trinkets or pendants and adds charm to your looks. This season charm bracelets are becoming available in an array of styles ranging from elusive gold charms to stout sartorial statement pieces. This jewellery trend is taking over again, and we are here for it. So if you don’t own one yet, then grab one as it is going to be a big hit this season. You can even get customized charm bracelets using words and symbols to make it more personalized.

Pearl Crystal D Word Beaded Charm Friendship Bracelets

4. Statements Earrings: You may not brave enough to wear two different earrings or long oversized earrings, but that something is in trend this summer. Big and bold earrings make a unique statement. Latest Designer jewellery includes statement earring in the collection, Large hoops, chandelier earrings, and fancy-dusters are some of the examples that are in trend. This trend is again made its come back from the 80s and 90s and ready to hit the summers again. Statement earrings are already in huge demand these days. It is even expected that statement earrings are going to be bigger and more creative in the coming seasons. They act as a new precious makeup, which makes them a must have for this season.

5. Tassel Necklace: Are you looking for that necklace that you can wear end number of times in this summers? The tassel necklace is something that you should not miss. Tassel Jewelry is already in trend, and you can make your jewelry collection trendier by adding this adoring piece. To get to the retro look and makes a real statement, with the fun colors and neutral tassels, it is a genuinely wearable necklace, and you will love to wear forever.

Brown Tassel with Leather Chain Necklace

6. Sea Shell Jewelry: this season shell jewelry is back in trend with some creative looks, and It can also be perfect beach jewellery for you. Already trending hard among the fashion crowd, shell jewellery is a surely must have jewelry piece for this season.

7. Chunky hoop earrings: if you want to get a look for more Fun and summery, then this trend is for you. These fashion jewellery earrings are again heading into the summer. Unlike those big and bold earrings, metals hoops also manage to maintain their versatility and never go out of style. Whether you pair them with casual dress, business attire or wear them on a date night, you will always look fab wearing them.

Lady Snowflake Leverback Huggie Hoop Earrings for Women

8. Body Jewellery: Body jewellery is in trend this season. Don’t get it confused with body alterations such as piercings. This trend concentrates on jewellery that can be worn in unexpected places. From body chains to adornments for your feet, these jewellery pieces are the perfect add-ons for this summer season.

9. Body Chain: Body chains are all becoming even more popular, which just makes these jewelry pieces easier than ever to find! You will also see your favorite celebs wearing them around, too. Body chains look very versatile and you can pair them with anything.

Blue Stone Multi Chain Finger Bracelet

10. Below the shoulder Earrings: Long earrings look more dramatic and stylish. It can be your perfect holiday jewellery. You can pair it up with off shoulder dress and rock your vacays.